Sarenza Sunday- Boutique Browsing

As a general rule I do try to keep my wish lists at least semi-obtainable but sometimes it’s nice to dream and that is exactly why this week my Sarenza Sunday is focused on their probably little known about boutique section stocking a gorgeous array of designer shoes that most of us can only dream of owning (but still covet regardless)

You’ll notice there isn’t a flat shoe in sight. I spent all of yesterday walking around in heeled boots and decided it worth celebrating. Of course the majority of my time will still be in flats but I am happily able to announce I can walk in something higher with no pain…no pain after five months, you have NO idea how good that feels!

First up are the Missoni Miranella boots, an object of beauty but strictly out of reach at £409 in the sale, eek! Seeming slightly more obtainable the Lina by Kenzo ankle boot costs £236.80 (sale price) and I really, really want this shoe for spring…gorgeous.
I’ve not heard of Michel Perry before, but whoever they are they create pretty shoes and I’m captivated by the perfect work shoe…meet Kavala– I will always have a soft spot for heeled brogues.
Last but by no means least; in fact this is a case of saving the best ’til last, meet my dream boot…Vahia by Vanessa Bruno costs an eye watering £414.60 (and that’s in the sale) but is everything I have ever wanted in a black ankle boot. I need to start remembering to play the lottery and not to browse the Sarenza boutique too often, it’s becoming dangerous!

Do you like to browse above your budget? I try not to think of it as depressing…it’s something to dream about and save for, I think buying something you have worked hard for, saved hard for and wished hard for is one of the most satisfying feelings ever.


18 comments for “Sarenza Sunday- Boutique Browsing

  1. Ooh, those last ones are the perfect black boot. Want… Oh well, it’s not really like I need any more shoes! X

  2. Wow, those second shoes are amazing!

    And browsing above your budget isn’t a bad idea actually. Because if you can’t afford it, you can’t spend anything haha;)

  3. The blue ankle boots are gorgeous!!

  4. Great boots, they’re all beautiful! My preference would have to be the last pair, definitely something i’d wear! xx

  5. Love the boots at the top! x

  6. I browse above my budget on a daily basis, that’s just how I roll! You’re dream boots are my faves too, looove them.

    The Style Rawr!

  7. The third pair are gorgeous! x

  8. It’s funny but with shoes, I rarely browse above budget- it’s not usually something I search for though I do enjoy the Irregular Choice website, but don’t often end up buying due to gargantuan footsize!

  9. Loving the contrast soles here! The last pair are my kind of dream boots too! Beautiful! xx

  10. I’m always browsing above my budget given that my current budget is almost non-existant haha! It’s always nice to dream (and drool) though =)

  11. Oh my the Vahia are wonderful… But the price 🙁
    Still, as you say, it’s nice to dream a little x

  12. Love the blue ones!!

  13. typical that I took a shine to the £409 pair! x

  14. ah really love these boots! i really like the fourth pair

    hope you’ll visit back

  15. I love the 3rd ones. I try not to browse above my budget, though I do have a terrible habit of going on right move and looking at really expensive houses!

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