Sarenza Sunday- Janey

New brand on the Sarenza website alert!
L.A.M.B. have made their debut giving me fresh meat to covet. Straight on to my lust list is the Janey shoe costing an eye-watering £375. I’m trying to do some calculations on a cost per wear basis…I mean, they are monochrome and a classic shape…they must be a bargain somehow?!
I’m not familiar with L.A.M.B. as a brand but seeing the offerings on the website so far I think I might be a fan.
Are you a L.A.M.B. lover? What new shoe brands have you found lately?

8 comments for “Sarenza Sunday- Janey

  1. These are totally my style. I want them!

  2. WOAH,
    They are soooo nice 🙂 I love them.

    Kelly ||

  3. OMG as IF L.A.M.B. is on Sarenza! Tara and I have been fans since it began and we have loads of clothes, shoes and bags. It’s awesome and the quality is top notch, can’t recommend it highly enough!

    J xxx

  4. Ooh I like!!! Little expensive though.

    Sadie xx

  5. Oh these are hot!! Perfect for an evening wedding! Pity about the price!!

    Daisy Dayz