Sarenza Sunday- Mad for Miista yet again

Miista is one of those footwear brands that consistently turns up trumps for me, I can pretty much guarantee there will always be something on sale that I love.
These Palmira Sandals (£120) and new in on Sarenza are no exception. Pastel, girly and utterly gorgeous they have shot straight to the top of my “covet” list. At their current price they will have to wait but should they ever go on sale then I’m there!
I love how one week I’m craving neon hi-tops and the next I’m back to heels or delicate sandals…I guess having quirky shoe tastes helps in some ways but is a nightmare in others (especially when it comes to storage!) It’s hard to believe that in my teenage years I thought owning five pairs of shoes- mostly trainers was excessive!
What is your shoe collection like? Do you have eclectic tastes?
P.S. Happy Birthday to my bestest best friend Trudi- loyal, huggable and recipient of my shoe over spill! Love ya girly.

7 comments for “Sarenza Sunday- Mad for Miista yet again

  1. I love the fact they are pastel and girly but I hate showing my toes so its only peep toe for me….x

  2. I really like the colour of these!

  3. I really like the colour of these!

  4. I love the colour combination of these 🙂 they’re not something I’d wear because I personally hate toes/feet and can’t/won’t wear any shoes that reveal my toes!! My shoe collection is a little eclectic too, it’s only when I start to think about it that I realise just how many pairs I actually have (I’m just hoping my mum doesn’t notice that a lot of them are still in her shoe cupboard at her house haha) xx

  5. They’re so lovely. I really like the mint colour.

  6. these are pretty but a bit pricey for sandals! my show collection is probably a little excessive and nearly all heels 😛 x

  7. These are lovely! Happy Birthday Trudi =)

    Corinne x