Sarenza Sunday- spaced out silver


I can’t really explain what has made me so attracted to these brogues by Shellys London, there is something quite alluring about them and they make me think of a sort of space age style too with their holographic silver colour.
Not only would these be fantastic for day, with just about anything and everything I think they would be a great alternative for heels on a night out with a black prom dress or ankle length suit trousers and a blazer.
Maybe it’s the pain meds talking (thanks sciatica, again) or maybe I really do have questionable taste but I’m in love and I refuse to be ashamed of it.
Also, I think it’s only fair to mention that Sarenza have some pretty fantastic offers on right now with a mid-season sale…don’t blame me if you go broke. I’m trying my hardest to resist adding to my already overflowing collection of shoes!

8 comments for “Sarenza Sunday- spaced out silver

  1. It’s the holographic effect that makes them so amazing! They are the best brogues I’ve ever seen. I really want something holographic.

  2. These are all kinds of awesome! I agree, they’d make the most fabulous alternative to heels for the festive season. I’m seeing them with a LBD…

  3. Just wow. Those shoes are pretty amazing. If I were wearing them I wouldn’t be able to stop staring at my feet x

  4. These look really fun. I think I’d wear them with an all black outfit.

  5. Nothing questionable about them, love holographic stuff! By the way, this was the tripod I bought it’s cheap but good! Comes in a mahoosive box for some reason though haha xxx

  6. I have a pair of silver brogues that just make me smile whenever I look at them – I think these shoes would have the same effect!