Sarenza Sunday- These Boots were made for Walking

I have a bit of an obsession with Boots, put me in a shoe shop and I always make a beeline for them no matter what the season. I think partly this is because I don’t drive, therefore walk everywhere and I find boots the most comfortable and practical shoe for doing so.
Luckily for me Sarenza have a pretty epic selection on their website to keep me drooling day after day. My current craving is these lace up beauts by Vivien Lee, called Axane and costing £160.70 these look like they would fulfil all my footwear needs. And I can of course justify them because they are brown. And 75% of my shoe collection is black.
Logic. Shopping logic. I excel at it.
Have you checked out Sarenza lately? You may, or may not thank me for pointing you in their direction.

6 comments for “Sarenza Sunday- These Boots were made for Walking

  1. I love some good winter boots!

  2. That is EXCELLENT shopping logic! I really like these, they’re quite unusual…haven’t see boots like these before xxx

  3. Love this colour of boot! So perfect for the winter months ahead 🙂 x

  4. These boots look great, I think they deserve their money.
    Oh and I love this colour!

    Many kisses
    Angelina –