Weekend! Hurrah.
Today totally called for comfort clothes, and clothes don’t get much more comfortable than this sweater dress from Primark


Hello ghostly paleness!


I look cheery.


Close up on the tights, which are from H&M

Time to indulge in some Saturday morning TV before heading to my grandparents later for coffee and catching up!


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  1. That dress is lovely, the lace detail is fab!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. S_S

    Wow missy, u always look fab but I love that dress-stylish+comfy! Those tights r super gorge too! Xxx

  3. Love the tights! the dress looks super comfy, perfect weekend wear.

  4. You look stunning. I know it sounds silly, but seeing how fantastic you look has really inspired me to push to gain the last few kgs I need to be healthy. Gorgeous tights – I think I have the same ones! I was wondering – do you like charity shops? I never used to but in the last 6 months I’ve got really into thrifting through the rails – I found loads of fantastic winter jumpers and a pair of black chelsea boots for Β£6 in my size πŸ™‚

  5. These are such cool tights! The colour does suit you.

  6. I love the dress and love those boots xx

  7. were these the tights i gave you babe? πŸ™‚ the dress is awesome. love the lace detail.

    xoxo Mode Junkie β™₯

  8. Love that dress! = impressed with Primark! And the tights look great with it. Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. Cosy clothes are by far the best kind – I never manage to look as stylish in mine as you do though!

    Love those new tights!

  10. Super cute dress and I absolutely love it paired with the tights. I haven’t seen them at H&M yet… they are fabulous!
    I wish you all the best for 2011!

  11. I love your dress! Very pretty!


  12. I really love this look, very cute! xx

  13. What a pretty dress!

    β™₯ Leia

  14. Loving that cute dress and the tights are very pretty! xxx Comtesse xxx

  15. Your booties are amazing.

  16. love those tights.

    peace x

  17. loving those tights πŸ™‚
    gorgeous blog!! x

  18. I want tights just like those!

  19. Saturday’s are for being comfortable…snap on the sweater dress (I have my trusty grey on from UniQlo)…comfort is paramount!

    Those tights are gorgeous.

    Re. the piercing…it’s on the soft part of the lobe just before the cartilage. I had the piercings done at the end of August/early September…but I keep sleeping on them (I must have a stupidly heavy head in addition to very poor wound healing)…

    Have a good first weekend off work. xx:)

  20. Great outfit and you’re looking so healthy and happy now, have fun at your grandparents xoxo

  21. I love this outfit. The jumper looks so cosy, and I think the tights are great, the polka dots are so cute.

  22. That is such a great dress!

  23. I love it. I want something like that, with lace.
    Love the colors.


  24. Gorgeous photos. I love the dress…it does look comfy! I need to get me those tights!

  25. Wow! I love this. Tres chic for “comfort clothes”! You’re a cutieee.

  26. I agree that this dress is very comfy looking!!

    Have fun at your grandparents house today!!


  27. Well, you looked amazing yesterday and absolutely ravishing today.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend after your foray into the scary world of work. xxx

  28. really loving the tights! as with every post! am awaiting a parcel from on one of your recommendations πŸ™‚

  29. The tights are absolutely adorable! And what a beautiful color! PS/ LOVED your outfit from the prev post! That black top looks fantastic!

  30. Ah, nothing like a cosy pair of tights in January πŸ™‚

  31. soo luv jumper dresses…

    you look happy too – loving to see you smile πŸ™‚


  32. Ooo, love the sweater dress. The lace at the top really looks good!

  33. I love the detail in this, it looks great with the tights too!

    Stunning as always my dear!


  34. J.

    I looove the dress! The lace looks great!

  35. You have such a great style, love this outfit!

  36. You look lovely I hope you had a nice day. I love the dress.

    Happy New Year! xxx

  37. did you color your hair? Looks nice πŸ™‚

  38. Sweater dresses are my favourite comfy clothes! You look lovely, and I like it when you take pictures outside πŸ™‚ happy sunday!

  39. you look gorgeous in the first photo! you need to smile in your photos more laura πŸ˜€

  40. cute dress, and happy New year Laura!

  41. dress and tights are amazing!


  42. Hello hello hello. I am finally back. After the honeymoon i got loads of ridiculous shifts and have literally had 5 days off since we got back, until this week! So no time to blog until now. But I missed you all loads.
    That dress looks super cute on you, and your looking great. Hope alls well!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  43. Thankyou so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I am glad you liked my wreath. I love your blog, you write so honestly, it is like chatting with a friend.

  44. your dres is beautiful, you look adorable

  45. I love comfort clothes and if you consider this dress as one…it’s fab! As are the tights, they’re really cute!

  46. Oh I love your shot outside πŸ™‚
    Ang xxx

  47. SLF

    thank you for your lovely comment πŸ™‚ cute cat!

  48. Very pretty comfortable clothes they are though. The tights are fab. x

  49. Laura I love this outfit! Perfect colours for this time of year, and for you- they suit you so much!

    Boodiful πŸ˜€


  50. I love the outdoor picture!!! =)
    Ans this sweater dress is gorgeous!!!

  51. I adore the sweater dress, especially the lace detail x

  52. And once more a beautiful outfit. I love the sweater dress; I wished we would have a Primark store here in southern Germany…..

    By the way; wonderful shoes!

  53. love this dress, it can be dressed up and dressed down. x