Sheer Genius- The SOLID CHOCOLATE Easter Egg

Who doesn’t love an Easter Egg? Up until this year I had spent 11 years missing out; now I’m in a much better place I’m making up for lost time and have already eaten two with around a month still to go! What can I say? I’m well on my well to being healthy about food and well, perhaps egg shaped?!
Easter Eggs are so easy to eat in their entirety though aren’t they? The hollow middle makes you think that there’s nothing really there and before you know it there is just a pile of foil left behind. I’ve heard many a people moan about the hollow feeling left behind- it’s almost like being cheated right?! Not anymore! Today I introduce you to the most genius invention of all time; the best thing since the invention of Easter Eggs themselves…the SOLID CHOCOLATE Easter Egg!
Prepare to have your mind blown.
As you can see, this beast weighs in a a massive 700g (that’s a lot of chocolate!) and is split in to 42 decent sized chunks. I broke in to this whilst Ben was staying at the weekend and between four of us we still couldn’t manage half of the egg, I think the record was Ben’s five chunks in one go so it’s pretty good for portion control. One chunk contains approximately the same calories as a row of Dairy Milk from a sharing bar and to be honest, one chunk at a time is enough!
A note on the chocolate itself, because nobody likes nasty chocolate from an otherwise promising product. No worries here. The chocolate recieved thumbs up from everyone, it really is of a superb quality. The egg looks quite spectacular too. Mine was a bit dusty looking, for want of a better word- I am putting this down to the fact I dropped it at least twice though.
These eggs are made in limited quality and are avaialble on The Solid Chocolate Company website. Available in milk, white and dark chocolate the eggs cost £19.99 each but for 700g of solid, high quality chocolate that aint’ a bad deal. Supermarkets sell hollow eggs weighing less than that for similar prices, this one will leave no hollow aftertaste or regret (and if you ate a chunk a day it could last six weeks, just sayin’).
This really is one of the most genius products ever in my eyes. Will you be asking the Easter Bunny for one? What’s your favourite Easter Egg?


7 comments for “Sheer Genius- The SOLID CHOCOLATE Easter Egg

  1. What a genius idea! I totally agree that hollow easter eggs are always a little disappointing.

    Jess xo

  2. this is brilliant! Hollow eggs are so disappointing. x

  3. That really is the best easter egg invention EVER! Such a cool idea.

  4. I actually like the normal hollow ones as I really like thin chocolate BUT I also love solid chocolate so Phwoar, o want one x


  6. This is my kind of chocolate heaven.

    X x

  7. Just wow! I really think that the fact that it is my Birthday on Easter Sunday means that I deserve one of these. x

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life