Shoe Sunday; Mad for Melissa

By all rights, I should hate Melissa shoes, they go against my long term resentment of jelly shoes that stem back to not being allowed a pair as a child, however, the more I look at the designs the more my resolve weakens…

Gold Campana Zig Zag look like they’ll be perfect with rolled up hems.

The Lady Dragon Westwood could be a fun yet practical work shoe (and by practical I mean immune to my coffee spill issues)

The Liberty sandals just appeal with their clean cut lines and shiney appearance

And as for the blue Ultragirl Westwood; well, these combine all my shoe hatreds in one, and yet I still lust after them.

What do you think? A Melissa fan or not?

Were you allowed jelly shoes as a child?


(photos from spartoo)

33 comments for “Shoe Sunday; Mad for Melissa

  1. Yes I love them. I have a pair by Alexandre Herchovitch. I also love the Vivivienne Westwood Lady Dragon ones. They smell like bubblegum too!

  2. I used to despise jelly shoes to but I just bought my 4th pair of Melissa shoes from Vivienne Westwood they are soooo cute and comfy not to mention they smell like bubblegum!

    I totally recommend these shoes to anyone and they’re so easy to clean to, I love them and no doubt I’ll probably get more Vivienne Westood Melissa shoes xoxo

  3. I loved my jelly shoes as a child. I used to wear them to the beach to stop my feet getting hurt by the stones and shells in the sand but one day I was playing in the sea with my granddad when one slipped off my foot and floated away. I shouted for it but he thought I was shouting jellyfish and just looked at me in a confused way – the shoe was gone forever ๐Ÿ™
    I’ve wanted a pair of the westwood melissas for ages but I’ve never tried any on so I don’t know how comfortable they’d be – have you tried some on? x

  4. My only memory of jelly shoes is them cutting my feet to shreds and having blisters from where they used to rub ! I had a bright pink pair, pretty much like the gold ones and seem to remember having the matching bag too (blush!) Liking the Lady Dragon Westwood :0)

  5. I had jelly shoes as a child, and loved them !!now I want more, these are amazing ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  6. They are all so cute but I am drawn to the Lady Dragon Westwood.

  7. Wow I was obsessed with jelly shoes when I was a kid and I had a few pairs. I love the shoes you posted here mainly because of that. It reminds me of my childhood.

  8. The westwood ones are adorable!

  9. I am desperate for a pair of these!

  10. I remember spotting these in a newspaper a few years back. I love love love them! Just checked out the site and saw they even sell oxfords:D

  11. The Westwood ones are amazing! Love the Liberty sandals too xx

  12. I never really had any as a child and didn’t particularly want them. Grown up Alex is now in total lust with that first pair though. Meep!

  13. Aww, Melissa, you smell so good. The Lady Dragons are fab. The flatmate has a pair and they are un-trashable!

  14. I love the first pair ๐Ÿ™‚ I was…but I wasn’t allowed to wear them to school which I found incredibly

  15. I love the last pair ๐Ÿ™‚ I was considering the dragon shoes in white with a red heart for my wedding.
    I used to have the best pair of jelly shoes as a kid! They had a heel and were glittery! x

  16. I love Melissas! In fact I have two pairs and I’ve got my eye on a couple more! I lvoed my jelly sos as a kid, though I was never allowed the heeled ones which I really wanted!

  17. FAN! without doubt. The Ultragirl Westwood are simply fabulous.

  18. I’ve never owned a pair of jelly shoes – well not that I remember not even as a child. Am I missing out?!?!

  19. Aww Jelly shoes! I love Melissa shoes but I think I’d feel a bit silly wearing them, they’re something that look great on other people but not me!

  20. I’ve never had a pair but I’m lusting after the blue ones. With a dog, a cat and a four year old, easy to clean shoes would be perfect lol

  21. I’ve been looking at these since they came out, they are lovely. I actually love that first pair x

  22. I hate that I had some of these about two years ago and now Diffusion stock them and everyone jumps on the bandwagon (that don’t even know who Vivienne Westwood is) and places like River Island and Primark rip them off,

    I absolutely love Melissa shoes though, I’ve had three pairs, they’re so comfortable and last for SO LONG. And they smell fantastic!


  23. I LOVE jelly shoes and I love these! The last ones are lovely, wish I could afford them!

    Maria xxx

  24. I love those blue ones!

  25. i love the v westwood collab ones.. althou i have plastic jelly shoes and they are so painful and cut my feet to pieces ๐Ÿ™ xo

  26. I like the Westwood ones, but I had a pair of the flats and they were agony to wear. Ended up ebaying them! xx

  27. thats so funny! I was totally looking at jelly shoes today I was like omg! You just did a post about them.

    I think jelly shoes are fun, however the ones I tried on werent so comfy. Not like I remember growing up.. Maybe not for me as of now. But I still think they are fun.

  28. My daughter has the lady dragon shoes, they are lovely.

    X x

  29. oOoh I think ‘lovely’ in my mind but my common sense tells me no! Those gold ones are gorge and I love the oilslick bow on the last ones!
    I absolutely wanted a a pair of red slip-on jelly shoes as a 5 year old and dragged my mum all round the shops to find some. Couldn’t and so ended up with some pale blue ones! They left strange imprints on my feet!

  30. Zoe

    I love Mellisa shoes. I used to have jelly shoes every summer as a child and I love them now. I’d love a pair in the same style as when I was younger.

    Zoe xx
    Life of a Vegetarian Girl

  31. I’ve got some of the Ultra Girl ones, in black. They’re really comfy, but my feel get a bit sweaty in them haha how embarrassing!