Just a few of life’s recent(ish) happenings according to instagram.

1. Yoo Moo frozen yoghurt is amazing! Current favourite is AngelMoo, closely followed by the Tropical one.

2. Hello Kitty ice pack! Making taking lunch to work cool in all senses (£2 for two from Tesco, WIN!)

3. Cat’s really do like Dreamies; Flash used to be the exception to the rule. Mae eats enough for two cats.

4. Raybans.

5. Wondering where summer got to.
6. Roasted chickpea addiction. I am crazed…and have actually once again run out. WOE IS ME.
7. Chilling in the garden last week with magazines and ginger beer.
8. THEY ARE BACK. I did a little dance of joy when I spied these in Asda at the weekend.
9. I am yet to try the UK version of Fruit Loops, I’m not sure I can stand the dissapointment of the lack of E-numbers and flavourings.

10. Mae and my Toms. A true love story.

What have you been up to lately?


13 comments for “randomly

  1. After struggling to think of anything I wanted to eat, I decided i was craving dried apple rings. I went and bought what I thought was them, and found I’ve actually got a bag of horribly weird squidgy pieces of dried sweetened apple – ick.

  2. Aw Mae is too cute. I used to love fruit loops! I bet they won’t be as fun now they’ll be too healthy.. xx

  3. Love seeing your photographs of Mae!

  4. Can’t remember being fussed on Vice Versas the first time around but my friend won’t stop going on about them, she was thrilled when I told her they were back! 🙂

  5. I don’t remember vice versas but I must try them! xxx

  6. vice versas!!!! I NEED TO GET MY MITTS ON THESE, screw the diet!!


  7. I found the vice versas in asda last week too!! I was so excited I could’ve done a little dance in the middle of the aisle 🙂 xx

  8. This reminds me, I have a Moo frozen yoghurt that I completely forgot about, may have to go try it now! x

  9. I NEED that ice pack!!


  10. Bless Mae she is so cute. Those vice versas look very interesting. Such a shame I am trying to shift a few pounds.

    X x

  11. I’m obsessed by the Yoo Moo yoghurt – SO good!x