Snacking Saturday (er, Friday); the luxury edition

I’m not going mad (I promise), I know that today isn’t Saturday, but I’m going out after work today and I’m not sure what time tomorrow I’ll be back, so you get my review a day early…lucky devils!

This week’s snack is very much a luxury product…courtesy of Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn.
The brains behind this operation were kind enough to send me a couple of flavours to try, after I expressed an interest in just how up-market popcorn could get.

The popcorn came beautifully packaged inside a box. Whilst seeming simple, the plastic pouches managed to look sophisticated thanks to the attractive labelling, and served their purpose perfectly at keeping the popcorn fresh.

I was sent the Salty Caramel and the Smooth Caramel, Pepper and Chilli to try.

The Salty Caramel was my favourite (but I am biased, I’m not really a spicy fan). Buttery and rich…perfectly fresh, the salt cut through what could have otherwise been an over-powering, sickly sweet sensation.
The popcorn was still crisp, as opposed to the soggy effect you can get when it’s sat around too long…you’d have been hard pushed to tell it had been popped over a week ago (by the time I got round to munching). This stuff was addictive. My hand kept travelling to the pouch for more.

I tried a piece of the Smooth Caramel, Pepper and Chilli then passed it on to my Dad to try, knowing he could give a better verdict. Again it was noted how fresh the popcorn was. His only complaint was that he couldn’t detect the pepper, but the chilli and caramel complemented each other suprisingly well, and again, it was an addictive nibble to have.

Joe & Seph also produce an exciting range of savoury popcorn, including the intriguing Goats Cheese and Black Pepper.

Would I buy these again?

Sure, if money was no object. At £4 for an average of 90grams of popcorn these really are on the higher end of the snacking scale. Fortunately for Joe & Seph the quality mixed with innovative flavours mean I can see them doing well, and the fact they sell gift jars and tins to mix and match the perfect flavour combinations mean I can not only see myself purchasing for me, but also as a gift for my foodie friends…
but only as a very special treat.

So there we go…this isn’t an every day snacking Saturday (Friday), but I thoroughly enjoyed my first foray in to luxury snacking.

What would your dream flavour be?


18 comments for “Snacking Saturday (er, Friday); the luxury edition

  1. The salt and caramel souund delicious. I love goats cheese but not sure how it would work with popcorn.

  2. Hmmm ……. dream flavour would have to be coconut and caramel – not sure if that would be a good or bad combination?!

    I love your work outfit from yesterday’s post – very chic. The trousers look great on you … and you’re wearing those gorgeous shoes again ! :0) xxxx

  3. They look lush! But at £4 a little pricey in my book..

    Also not to good for the diet. Boo Hoo!

    X x

  4. The luxury edition! I love it.

    Just spent – oh, I don’t know how long, a few minutes at least, browsing around their site (after reading your post of course) and imagining the flavours – kind of like reading about scents (I love that, too: like with Jo Malone).

    They all sound great: there isn’t any I wouldn’t like, salty caramel sounds divine (have you ever had salty caramel in chocolate? YUM). They’ve got some great chocolate covered ones, too. Yes, it’s really expensive but it sounds like a good gift, or treat.

    When I was 12 I went to sleep away summer camp for the first time. The gift packages from our parents were a really important currency. My family were ‘health nuts’ and we didn’t eat any chocolate, white sugar, etc. I didn’t mind but I had no leverage with my friends and bunkmates! Kept writing to them, pleading to send me a ‘care package’.

    When it arrived, it was – I kid you not, Daisy – practical healthy items like peanut butter, apples, nuts, cheese.. until came across a tin of gourmet caramel & nut ‘popcorn’ called Poppycock. I haven’t thought about it in years – in the states, popcorn is cheap, with salt & butter (we make it at home- or did, til I broke my tooth) but this was.. well what can I say, it was gone in a flash. But at least I was allowed to stay in the cool group.

    My favourite imaginary combination? Something with pistachio, perhaps, or salty caramel with belgian chocolate. I wish they’d do combos in a package!

    Also chili and dark chocolate could be interesting. And their ‘east meets west’ sounds amazing.

    See this is what I mean! 34 minutes and I haven’t even had any coffee yet! Is there a limit for comment length? : )

    Lovely Friday, Daisy. Hope your gran is well! xoxo

  5. salted caramel – nom nom nom! 🙂

    I love popcorn in general, as you’re aware…!


  6. sounds good to me! my friend bought some belgian chocolate coated popcorn from marks and spencers not too long ago.. now, they were an absolute DREAM. xx

  7. Oh I do love popcorn! Great post!

  8. I’m not a big popcorn fan, so I just go for boring salted flavour! These would be interesting to try though

  9. These sound so yummy! Think I’m going to have to have popcorn tonight!


  10. I am not a fan of popcorn but these sound interesting x

  11. Yum, these sound good i love popcorn. i’d love chocolate covered popcorn i think x

  12. That popcorn sounds delicious!!


  13. I hate to say it, but I’m not really a popcorn fan. It does weird things to my throat and I end up spluttering all over the place.
    That said, these gourmet flavours sounds ratherr tempting, esp that cheese one! YUM. But cor blimey at the price.
    Hope you’re ok hun x

  14. See, I like popcorn is small doses, sometimes I find it rather dry at times and I often end up choking on it. I think i’d be tempted to try this for a one off, or perhaps on a romantic night in with my boy with a film as an alternative to chocolate.

  15. They sound delicious!

  16. Oooh this stuff sounds delicious! I love popcorn, it’s one of my favourite snacks.

  17. Everytime I look at your blog it makes me hungrrrry!

    They look delish!

    I think a coconut/choc combo would be nice 🙂

    Clare x

  18. feeling very jealous right now, think you’ve awakened my sweet tooth! xx