so much for summer.

Gone are my hopes of wearing my floatiest summer dresses on my week off. Grey sky, chilly temperatures…thanks Great British weather. Thanks a lot.

On a plus side, I get to wear sequins, denim and converse and have no reason to leave the house. It’s a kind of win/win situation…searching for the silver lining and all that.

I think I’ll kick off my week of freedom with some comfort DVDs and some baking. Yeah. It really could be worse.

Happy Monday folks


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m sorry the weather isn’t fine in Britain, especially as you got holiday 🙁
    But you look cute in your shorts/converse combination, I think I’m going to wear a similar outfit today, the weather in Germany isn’t that summerly at the moment, either 😉

  2. Very cute outfit Laura, love the pink converses! I am getting fed up of my summer dresses having to sit in the wardrobe waiting for a sunny day!

  3. I know what you mean its so depressing isn’t it!

    Looks like our summer is over now we had all of about 2 weeks!

    Enjoy your week off xx

  4. the weather has been crap at the mo!!! But I’m loving your comfy outfit! 🙂

  5. I’ve given up on July. Here’s hoping August is better.

    I’m currently in jeans, biker boots, jumper, scarf and fleece AND I’ve got the heating on at work. It’s thoroughly cold and soggy here 🙁 Wish I could be at home baking!

  6. Really like the sequin jumper

    I’ve been disappointed by the weather too. I was hoping for a nice weekend because it was really hot here when I went for a walk on friday but it was all soggy and miserable.

    Love that you’ve gone bright red again 🙂

  7. Such a shame – I would do just about anything to get some rain for a few days! I don’t do well in the heat and chilly is the way I like it.

    Anyway, you look comfy and cute in your outfit and not leaving the house and just having a good book and a few films are a great way to relax, too! xxx

  8. Aw I’m sorry the weather is so rubbish for your week off – I hope it picks up for you! Your cat looks so sweet in the photos xx

  9. Mat

    it’s getting rough out there isn’t it. i just bought a waterproof jacket to be sure!

  10. Zee

    Your outfit looks so comfy, I love the sequinned jumper too! I always thought sequins were only for dressy occassions, but they don’t look OTT at all in your outfit 🙂

  11. This sounds ideal !

  12. Eva

    Great outfit…it really works with the mix of casual and touch of glam 🙂 LOVE that jumper! x

  13. Ooh, sparkly… What were you saying? Oh yeah, seriously, how crap is this weather?? Why do we not get summer this year? x

  14. Love that jumper.
    The weather is just silly, i wish we could have just a little bit of sunshine x

  15. ANY excuse for Converse and sequins!!


  16. So very sick of the rain now. I know this is Cumbria and everything but GIVE.IT.A.REST!

    I had designs on forging forward with some research and some things at work this rainy monday afternoon, instead I’m stuck at home waiting for the Police, because some delightful person has damaged my car and then disappeared without leaving their insurance details.

  17. aww sorry to hear that the weather is still sucky over there!

    i wish i could trade places with you though, it’s too hot hot hot here:)


  18. Looking good lady. I am incredibly jealous of those legs.

  19. Jen

    I just can’t bring myself to wear tights in July! I packed them all away in May and refuse to get them back out, so while the weather is having this hissy fit I’m sticking to jeans. Love the pink Converse! 🙂

  20. My God, but am in love with your top, where’s it from?

    Hope you’re good 🙂

    Sarah Betty xx

  21. I’d love to snuggle up in some cold weather clothes! Jealous!

  22. It’s a shame about the weather, lovely outfit though! x

  23. It’s such depressing weather at the moment, I tihnk I definitely need sequins to cheer myself up – good choice!

  24. i have them converce and i wear them all the time so there a bit recked now. love the outfit. : please follow

  25. The weather at the moment sucks doesn’t it gah x

  26. MJ

    Cons ftw. I wonder where mine have gone?

  27. Rainy day or not, this outfit is f**king fab!! I totally love it 🙂

  28. Aww, obviously Flash isn’t camera shy. Love your sparkly top, and catching up on all your other blog posts, I’m amazed to sea Wasabi Peas is an actual thing! I love Wasabi! And peas. Win!

    Bhav x

  29. Love the sequins and shorts. Have a good week. xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  30. Sounds like a pretty perfect monday to me!


  31. I am so disappointed in this summer! Its sucking! I had to wear my winter coat yesterday. Bang out of order.
    Lovely sequins!

  32. I hope your weather gets better!!

  33. Im also gutted with this rubbish weather. Whats the point in shops being full of pretty floaty frocks when you cant wear them? Its a right ‘inbetweeny’ feeling. If this is our summer then roll on autumn!

    Perfect outfit for having a relaxing day.

  34. I heven’t been here for a while… you got a new hair color ( well new for me :P) it looks great on you 🙂


  35. Love this outfit <3.

    Sadie xx