Weekend Style

Kicking back in a vintage skirt, ancient uniqlo tee (the best tees ever) and Bertie espadrilles. I’ve never owned espadrilles before, and had never really considered them as a comfortable summer shoe, but this summer I found myself curious. This pair, gifted by Bertie (My favourite site for shoe drooling) are leather and so insanely comfortable. I don’t think I could cope with canvas ones, but these…I plan to live in these.

Flash wanted in on the photo action, he claims it is far too long since he made an appearance on the blog. He’s been a pain this weekend…anyone else watch Marley and Me on Channel 4? Flash is the feline Marley.


P.S. Anyone interested in a snack swap, e-mail me. It might take me a little while but I plan to maybe organise a swap either with myself, or random pairings depending on how many people are interested!

34 comments for “Weekend Style

  1. I love your skirt and as usual, you pair your tights perfectly. Super cute. 🙂

  2. Ah I absolutely love that skirt. xx:)

  3. Really cute skirt, and Flash of course, too! xxx

  4. Pretty colours in the outfit ! I also love the colour of your hair, i had mine red but it all mostly out now 🙁

  5. I watched Marley and Me last weekend when it was on and my dog is just as bad. Some pets are a nightmare!

  6. That skirt is beautiful! I haven’t watched Marley & Me because I know it would make me cry buckets 🙁

  7. Lovely summery skirt!
    I watch Marley and Me the other day too, its so sad!

  8. Flash! Hello handsome.

    I love espadrilles. Give a canvas pair a try – they are SO comfy.

  9. Uhooi,,
    Waw good shoes, creative and cool,,


  10. I have feared espadrilles all summer long, you may have swayed me to at least try a pair on now.

    Flash is ever the handsome fella xxx

  11. love the coloured tights would defintly be up for a snackie swap! xxx

  12. Looking lovely lady 🙂 x

  13. ah such funky shoes and I lovvve the skirt <3

    claire x


  14. The shoes are great!

  15. Your kitty is a cutie x

  16. omg i am in love with these shoes <3 xxx

  17. Oooh, leather espadrilles?! See, now I’m just confused. I’ve always shunned them generally, but now….leather? Tempting…

    Oh and the peanut butter oreos would totally send fine, that is, if it weren’t for me and my greedy mouth gobbling them all :S


  18. marley and me is such a sad film, think i cry everytime i watch it haha! love the skirt! xxxx

  19. Love your skirt, it’s so adorable! And your cat’s incredibly cute. Love his fur! (Or is it a her?)
    Ooooh, I’d love to do a snack swap! I just don’t know what sort of snack I’d swap, hahaha.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  20. ooh i love those shoes! 🙂 x

  21. Anonymous

    I know in a previous post u said u were fine, but u look about ready to be put back in hosp- this doesn’t look like recovery? n posing to make urself look skinny? just hope u finally see how good recovery can be and put all ur effort into it. don’t slip back.

  22. This skirt is gorgeous Laura! I hope you’ve had a fabby weekend 🙂

  23. I absolutely love that skirt, it’s so pretty!

  24. I wore bright pink tights this weekend! Love your look.

  25. I love your outfit and I have missed flash so this was a great post! I hope you are ok lovely, love love xxx

  26. Absolutely gorgeous! I love those espadrilles 🙂

    Maria xxx

  27. I love that skirt! I’m not keen on the traditional shaped espadrilles but I like ballet pump ones! Those seem very luxurious and comfy though! I’d be up for a snack swap!

  28. i lveot he print on the skirt :3 it looks great on you :p

  29. That skirt is so pretty!

    ♥ Leia

  30. oooh I will do a snack swap! We have good biscuits in Aus 🙂

  31. LOve your hair!Amazing colour!

  32. Those shoes are amazing, love the whole look xx

  33. That skirt is amazing. I am so jealous! I have been searching for my perfect summer floral skirt to no avail (although I don’t see much of a point at the moment since the weather doesn’t seem to know it’s summer…)