Spring/Summer at Republic

Another day, another look book, this time from the folks at Republic, a shop I mistakenly brushed off as specialists in tracksuits and hoodies and not much more.

I guess it’s once again time for me to eat my words as these images above have no sportswear insight and instead kick start some lusting for brightly colour denim and all things ditsy and floral. I don’t know what has happened to me, actually. Little miss jeans hater is now wanting to fill her wardrobe with everything from skinnies to flares, and a recent shopping trip and venture in to a Republic store told me that these pictures are just the beginning…one to watch, for sure!

Has anywhere exceeded your expectations this season?


18 comments for “Spring/Summer at Republic

  1. Love this Lookbook, Republic have totally surprised me!

  2. Lovee that first image amazing!!

  3. Those green jeans are amazing!

    X x

  4. I started to really get into some of Republic’s stuff before leaving, they do some really nice things once you get past that wall of track suits, saying that the warmest hoodie I ever brought was a So Cal one from Republic.

  5. Love the ditsy prints! x

  6. i love the massive arm holes and the hair

  7. I want summer now! This has warmed up my day xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  8. The first outfit is gorgeous!!

  9. love the treatment of the photos! cute clothes too 🙂


  10. Totally agree with your opinion on Republic i never used to think much of it either. But they clearly have some lovely pieces at the moment xx

  11. Everywhere has something good this season, they’ve all upped their game for sure. I think SS12 must be the best season ever. Love that jacket in the last pic. xx

  12. Surprised that Republic have got some lovely pieces in! Always associated the store with chavs too, haha. How wrong were we? xo

  13. my girlfriend would look gorgeous wearing the outfit on the last picture(:

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  14. I never really think to look republic either but some of there stuff looks really nice 🙂 I really like that floral shirt in the first picture!

    Caroline x

  15. I have to admit, I thought the same.

    I’d never gone into Republic when I was at home, but now since it’s one of the 5 shops in Bangor I’m always in there and am so surprised by their stuff 🙂


  16. love these two looks! colourful and interesting.