Chilling with OnePiece

In the last year I’ve gone from a hater of the onesie to a total convert thanks to OnePiece who first provided me with one. I couldn’t spend all day in one but when I’m chilling out, working from home then it’s an ideal solution to the actual clothes vs. pyjamas dilemna.
I was recently offered a new onesie, from the Summer collection and I instantly fell in love with the Sunny “Inca” design with it’s bright colours and laid back vibe. It’s not a traditional long legged, hooded piece…just an all in one, super comfortable piece of loungewear that’s just perfect for chilling in.
I don’t think there is much more I can write on the subject of Onesies; what more do you need to know than they are the comfiest thing ever? I know a lot of people are still divided over them- some love them and some just don’t get them. I’m a convert on the love side, and although OnePiece are on the pricey side I can confirm that they do make the highest quality, comfiest to wear Onesies around and they will last for years…it’s seven years since the company started and despite the naysayers it’s still going strong, stronger than ever!


3 comments for “Chilling with OnePiece

  1. I still don’t like them but this one looks quite sweet in you!

  2. That Onesie is too cute x

  3. Colourful and cosy at the same time!