Laziest post ever today, sharing some random photos etc from my Week!


Balloon from Aussie, LOVE! Balloons + me = instant happy.


I caved in and bought the cupcake partner to my cookie book! I can’t wait to get experimenting (all I need now is some time!)


TEA. Holland and Barrett are running a promotion on selected items at the moment where you buy one and get one for a penny. Two boxes of my favourite tea for £1.20…yeah.
I would have bought stacks more if I hadn’t have had my hands full and a bus to catch.


Someone found this week exceptionally hard.



So hard, right Flash?



No week would be complete without an utterly random purchase (and yes, I do often have two drinks on the go at once…and neither usually get finished!)



Sunday outfit…though I think I’ll be changing soon, those trousers are not as comfortable as I remember…damn you ever expanding waist.

What does your weekend look like?

Have you made any utterly random purchases lately?


P.S. BIG HELLO to the lovely girl who stopped to say hi in H&M, I was so shocked that I forgot to ask your name…but thank you for making my day even better!

42 comments for “Sunday

  1. Mr Men toothpaste?? You English people have the best products ever!
    This weekend I bought cute underwear and not-so-cute stockings. Is that random?

  2. thats a random photo
    diet coke + toothpaste 😀
    what are u talking bout laura?! that trousers look good on you!! espcially paired with the cardi!
    id love to see more :D:D

  3. hilarious toothpaste. Your cat is so cute! I bought two garden rakes this week, not that random but not many people buy two in one go… Love your floral trousers, I’m looking for more interesting trousers 🙂

  4. Angela

    I just bought vegan cupcakes take over the world last week too! It was going to be a gift, but I may just have to get a second one for myself.
    Love the toothpaste, and that cardigan. That whole outfit looks great on you laura. 😀

  5. Flash is so. Damn. Cute.

    Though nowhere near as cute as you in those trousers – LOVE.

    Looks like a great week hun, here’s to the next!x

  6. Haha that toothpaste is amazing 🙂 Loving the floral trousers! I hate it when your favourite clothes just get uncomfortable!
    Sami xx

  7. I’m like that with drinks, it’s no wonder I always have a dehydration headache!

    Yeah I’ve made a few random purchases recently, just done a whole blog post on them :S Really must rein myself in now!

    How bizarre being ‘recognised’ out shopping – just shows how many people are reading! Have a lovely Sunday xx

  8. those trousers look so cosy laura! hehe i love the kid’s toothpaste too.

  9. Flash really is the cutest thing, awww!

  10. YAY for Ur floral pants! So comfy and girly! 🙂

  11. Those floral trousers look pretty cool! 🙂 I’m always envious of my cat, especially when I leave the house for work and he’s still snuggled on the bed.. lazy things 🙂 xx

  12. wow, I just love those photos 🙂
    those floral trousers are just so great…


  13. Always love your photos of Flash! x x

  14. beautiful photos of Flash!!!!

  15. I loved my balloon too :). Your cat is sooo cute.

    Sadie x

  16. I also made use of the H&B penny sale 🙂 awhh lookit Flash 😀 very funky outfit!

  17. Like today’s trousers, love the look of your cat, and who doesn’t love balloons?!

  18. Seb is sooo having that toothpaste when he gets bigger! Those trousers look fantastic on you xx

  19. Loving the random purchases. I made a kinda random purchase yesterday which I’m about to do a quick post on.

    The trousers are lovely on you but not worth it if you aren’t comfortable in them.


  20. great toothpaste! I remember having bubblegum toothpaste when I was 7…

    Oh and my most random purchase has to be those hairclips. So cheap at 77p, but so cute too!


  21. Laura you are FAMOUS now! Getting recognised in real life, awesome!

    I have made no random purchases. I’m trying to save my pennies this month. Very dull 🙁

  22. MJ

    So weird getting recognised for the first time, right?! BLEW MY MIND.

  23. Weekend was been weird here as we had quite a lot of snow yesterday – aargh! Desperate for spring now. Really like those floral trews! xx

  24. Love ur floral trousers and the cat is jst too effin Cute

  25. i LOVE your trousers 🙂 xx

  26. Looks like a great week. I loved my Aussie Balloon as well!
    Also really love your trousers. They’re so pretty.

  27. I really really really miss my cat… =(


  28. Flash makes me smile every time!xx

  29. Love the trousers. My random purchase of the weekend an animal print hat.

  30. You look so beautiful. 🙂
    Love LOVE the pants!!!! I want some.

  31. Love balloons too! They’re so happy and nice haha.

  32. great lazy sunday post, I love all these little images, especially the cat! so cute!! that’s funny you got recognized 🙂

  33. Great look and Flash is adorbs!!

  34. I wish I lived in England just to be able to get Mr. Happy tooth paste and much better tea!

  35. great leggings! i’m aussie! hahaha.
    follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

  36. Love all these photos. Anyway, just followed your blog.

  37. llooks like a lovely sunday to me i played on stilts and with skipping ropes !!

  38. Could Flash be anymore adorable if he tried xx