Sunday I’m in love- Anya Hindmarch

It’s not often you’ll find me straying from the high street brands fashion sites in favour of something a little bit more luxurious, but that’s exactly what happened yesterday morning when despite my planned lie-in I found myself awake at 6am (with a nose stud in my mouth, of all places!). A flick through the latest iPad edition of Marie CLaire magazine led me to discovering the most amazing clutch bag from Anya Hindmarch, so off I trotted to the website only to find a whole array of amazing clutch bags- so far out of my reach thanks to the £895-£995 price tag (makes my Mulberry seem good value!) but still, a girl can dream. I’ve never been a clutch bag girl but suddenly I’m obsessed and these are doing nothing to quell that obsession.
Images all from the Anya Hindmarch website.
Aren’t these just amazing? I pretty much ignored the trend for novelty food related accessories when they hit the A/W catwalks but they are really growing on me. My addiction to biscuits probably isn’t helping here and the Rich Tea Clutch is really calling my name…
I can currently think of two solutions to my “want but can’t afford” dilemma, the first is to empty a pack of rich tea biscuits out and stick the wrapper around an old baked bean tin and fashion some kind of lid and strap. The second is to buy a family sized biscuit barrel assortment and comfort eat my sorrow away.
Which designers are giving you serious cravings at the moment?
It’s Sunday morning and I’m off to find some Rich Teas for breakfast!


9 comments for “Sunday I’m in love- Anya Hindmarch

  1. Loving your solutions! Any excuse for eating biscuits is good in my book.

    X x

  2. The custard cream has my name written all over it! I’d just have to remember not to dip it in my tea…

  3. These are so cute! Still I think I’d prefer a pack of real biscuits 😛 x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. Susan Elai Carter

    Noooo, I love the Ginger Nut but I’ll never be able to afford it. *bites into biscuit to console self*
    I’m craving Lulu Guiness bucket bags with roses on top.

  5. I love these too! I cooed over the Custard cream clutch a little while ago and it’s the dreamiest. Shame that it would cost an arm and a leg to buy it – plus it’s not really phone friendly either!

  6. Katie

    That DIY idea isn’t half bad… well, pinterestable anyway =P. The gingernut one is totally my kind of thing, especially if it contained an actual stash of them haha

  7. Ha, ha, I love them! I’d go with the DIY! X

  8. I thought of the bourbon bag when you shared the pack of biscuits one on Instagram. I love it!