The Perfect Day for a wedding

I love a good wedding, and there is nothing more special than seeing one of your childhood friends walk down the wedding. On Saturday I attended the wedding of one of my oldest friends, and the second of my school friends to tie the knot (which at 27 makes me realise we are actually proper grown-ups now). It couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day for a wedding- hot and sunny, set in the most beautiful grounds of Priston Mill. The day was simply magical, filled with quirky touches that just screamed “Hazel and James”- who else could get away with a wedding that featured a canoe, a barn dance and a stunning cake made and decorated by the groom himself?
Hazel, I’ve known you since reception year at school and although we haven’t always seen eye to eye (not least because you just about reach my shoulder!) I now consider you one of my closest friends. We’ve grown closer as we’ve got older and matured (sort of) and I was honoured to be a guest at your wedding. You looked simply stunning as you walked down the aisle, we saw your girly side, (the one we all knew was lurking there somewhere) wearing your gorgeous dress, face glowing with happiness and love. I’m forever amazed at your constant energy, crazy barn dancing skills and the fact you managed to hold your drink for once! Congratulations my dear, I couldn’t be happier for you.
James, I may have only met you a handful of times but I don’t need to have spent hours with you to know you are the perfect match for Hazel. The way you look at her tells me just how much you care for her, that and how spotless the house is and how well catered for she is! You are one of the nicest guys I’ve met and I wish you guys the longest and happiest marriage there can possibly be.
Thank you for sharing your day with us all, it was magical. Thank you also for feeding us well, plying us with drink and for the genius idea of jars of sweeties on the table- so far Ben’s kept his paws off mine, but I’m not sure it’s going to last!


6 comments for “The Perfect Day for a wedding

  1. Looks like a lovely day. I think it is amazing when a bride and groom create a special day that relates to them and their life. I love the sunflower bouquet and the table sweeties sounds like a fab idea.

  2. Ahh how lovely! <3

    Even lovelier that the bride and groom put their own unique ideas into proceedings! So glad the weather was gorgeous and the day enjoyed by all. Am sure your friends will be so touched by your sweet words Laura 🙂

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. What a lovely wedding, and adorable words from you, I’m sure they will both be very touched. You rule x

  4. How lively!!! Seems the perfect setting for the perfect couple x

  5. SJ

    Looks like a great day – I’ve been to a couple of weddings this summer and it feels like there are more and more to go to each year. I don’t feel grown up but I guess we are!

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