The Printed Harem

I never saw this one coming, but I’ve actually become somewhat of a trouser convert. A couple of years ago you wouldn’t have caught me in a pair, or at least if I was wearing them I wouldn’t be feeling comfortable but times change and so do people and here I am sporting yet another pair of awesome pants.

Vest: Monki | Trousers c/o Chiara Fashion | Shoes: New Look

These trousers are the comfiest pair I own, without a doubt. It’s been a while since I last featured Chiara on the blog and I was delighted when they got back in touch and offered to send me a pair of trousers from their new selection of harem pants. I always struggle to style this style of trouser, I lack in basic tops, or tops that fit me well and shoes always baffle me but I think in the end I did just about ok and the monochrome sandals were a safe choice (also making the most of still being able to wear sandals in October!) ((can you tell this post is scheduled? No way is it sandal weather now!))
If you have any tips for styling harem trousers then let me know below! If you too want a super comfy pair to live in then I highly suggest you check out Chiara especially when they cost only £12.95 a pair.


5 comments for “The Printed Harem

  1. Rebecca Young


    We are so similar – I never even owned any trousers until late last year until my friends persuaded me to try wearing some – and the rest is history! I went back to mainly skirts during our warm summer but have started wearing trousers to work again this week – the office heating is not working properly.

    Trouser wearing is now second nature – but no jeans yet – I am not sure about the image!


  2. Ooh Laura, I love those trousers, monochrome is always a big winner for me, but like you I never know what shoes to wear! Plus I dont have many shoes haha!
    You look so tall and perfect…jealous!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  3. These trousers are super and I’d probably style them as you have. (I’d also be tempted to buy them too!) But why not also try to pair with a white blouse for work as well? Or a coloured long-sleeved blouse?

    Ha, yes, the rain is here,indeed! And the cold. x

  4. Smart yet comfortable – that sounds good to me.

  5. SJ

    I think harem trousers really lend themselves to the whole sports/luxe look so I’d pair them with a cropped t-shirt. They look lovely on you – a great shape 🙂