THE shoes of the (new) season.

Another A/W lookbook post, this time for the wonderful people at Bertie!

They have a stunning range of collections coming out for the colder weather, and here are some top picks.

From the Early 20th C Rebel collection (think masculine tailoring meets witty style) I bring you Gin, £85 and Saturday, £115

Glam Rock channels Joan Jett with Kracker Red, £65 and Jackaban, £125 (my absolute favourites!)

70s NYC lends retro glamour with use of quirky fabric, tassels and stacked yet wearable heels. On the whole this is my favourite collection of the lot; Julietta Orange, £115. Massimo, £159 and Nimali Blue, £115.

What do you think? Which trend will you be channelling? I have my beady eye on Jackaban and Julietta Orange!


22 comments for “THE shoes of the (new) season.

  1. Loving them all but a little out of my price range!

    Still enjoying wedge heels and heeled brogues are fab!

    X x

  2. oooo those blue suede ones are so cute!!

  3. cute shoes, shame about the price tag!!!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  4. I totally want the shoes on the second picture!

  5. I LOVE that blue…I want a pair of those but flat!

  6. Absolutely love those red studded flats. Shame I can’t afford them 🙁 Also love the orange boots.
    Gorgeous picks x

  7. Absolutely love those red studded flats. Shame I can’t afford them 🙁 Also love the orange boots.
    Gorgeous picks x

  8. Ooo the first shoes are amazing! xx

  9. Ooh very nice, love the grey wedges <3.

    Sadie xx

  10. Oh my goodness I love the blue velvet boots!!


  11. Mat

    some of them are mad, cool though. their mens stuff is great at too

  12. Ahh I’d take the lot! the blue velvety ones are amazing, the grey ones too! x

  13. I’d take most of them if they weren’t so blinking expensive. I do have a pair of grey wedges quite like those already though.

  14. the dark blue velvet boots are beautiful, i want them!


  15. LOVE the Kracker Red ones, slightly out of my price range though 🙁

  16. love the otk boots and the last pair. Velvet shoes would not last well on my feet sadly!

  17. The first pair caught my eye – a rather vintage feel to them. Me likes! x

  18. hmmm i’m undecided on the Julietta Orange atm – i want to love them but the elastic panels aren’t doing it for me x

  19. These are all gorgeous, want!

    Maria xxx

  20. Oh lordy, the orangey ridingboot style high heels are so my style (I’m a massive country bumpkin style-wise!)…. deffo saving for those bad boys!!! xx

  21. The studded slippers and the velvet boots! You are such trouble! x