those shoes- so you.

Dress: River Island at ASOS
Tee: Peacocks
Boots c/o SoYouShoes
It’s May, we shouldn’t even need to still be wearing boots, but if we have to then they may as well be good ‘uns right? I’m so in love with these studded Chelsea boots from SoYouShoes who were kind enough to send me a pair. They combine all the things I am loving in a shoe right now and are a bargain + super comfortable as well. Love.
I can’t even remember which day I wore this outfit, probably before the bank holiday if I’m honest…I’ve totally lost track of time lately and not blogging every day has left me with a bit of a back log.
At least it’s Friday right? I’m so glad it’s the weekend despite it having been a short week. It’s not been bad, just a bit of a dissapointment after the amazing sunshine-fest of a long weekend last week (not to mention girl stuff) and I feel a bit jaded with it all. Never mind eh? I have a fun weekend involving the boy, friends and general chilling planned and that’s the perfect remedy for any blues. That and a vat of tea and some childish snacks.
How has your short week been? I almost think I prefer the normal working week, you know where you stand with that!
Any fun plans this weekend?

19 comments for “those shoes- so you.

  1. Ooooft those shoes are fittt! I still can’t get enough of studs, and you look amazing in that frock mrs! ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  2. You look AMAZING here! I LOVE this print on you!

    Maria xxx

  3. This dress suits you so well, love the print and I love your necklace too

  4. Those are some pretty nice shoes girl.

  5. I have had a great week as I was only in work 2 days as off Thurs & Fri. Those boots are definiely you they look fab x

  6. I am following your blog now. How was I not following it before? After knowing you for years I just assumed I had been following you already.

  7. I prefer having a normal working week, it just helps your body clock doesn’t + you know when you can chill out!

    I love your shoes, they are absolutely beautiful.

    Kelly ||

  8. you honestly have the best shoe collection laura! you look amazing. I have a very quiet (hopefully very cheap!) weekend planned too in front of the Eurovision xox

  9. Anonymous

    Gorgeous dress!

    I admit, I prefer a full working week too. A random holiday can leave me feeling like I dunno what to do with myself & then I start to get lazy! >.< This weekend, I’m heading to my mother’s for a visit as it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow in Canada. 🙂

  10. I have def enjoyed the short week. Any excuse to not be at work is wonderful.

    Corinne x

  11. Mat

    nice ones, big and clumpy but good stuff. working all weekend sadly

  12. Your whole outfit looks fab. Those boots look really good, they could be dressed up or down real easily.

  13. Those boots are a-maz-ing. I love Chelsea boots and I definitely love studs. If it wasn’t coming into summer I would make these mine!

  14. These boots are a-maz-ing. I love Chelsea boots & I love studs. If it wasn’t coming into the summer these definitely would be mine!!

  15. I’m a little bit annoyed that I’m still wearing boots in May too! But those studded ones are lovely and the dress is very pretty too xxx

  16. The shoes are great and the dress is lovelt too, definitely so you!

  17. LOVE the boots! I am a big fan of So You Shoes too!

    Love the whole look :)xx

  18. I LOVE your dress & the shoes are AMAZING. In fact I think I’m in love with this outfit. You look fab as always, Laura!

    Jess xo

  19. Great outfit – LOVE your hair! x