daisy chain dreaming: The WhitePepper




Life seems to be a constant wish list lately and it’s not helped by brands such as The WhitePepper at ASOS bringing out such covetable collections. I can’t think of anything I dislike about their current range (except that I can’t afford it) and above is just a small selection of my favourites. If I was going to splash out it would have to be on the Sailor Midi Dress, I love all things nautical and midi is my favourite length. 
Oh ASOS, you do bad things to me. I may need to stage an intervention against the amount of time I spend browsing there.
What brands are you currently craving? What online shop is your weakness?

10 comments for “daisy chain dreaming: The WhitePepper

  1. Ooh I love all of these picks!

    I’m a sucker for browsing Monki – but I generally never buy clothes online so it just makes me want a trip to London ASAP!

  2. Ahhh those pants!

    I’m loving the Three Floor brand at ASOS. It’s so edgy and cute, but alas, expensive! Such is my fashion life!

    J x

  3. I love browsing Modcloth, it’s an obsession.

  4. ASOS is the devil for me!!!! AAHHH

    Corinne x

  5. You are a BAD person! Do NOT NOT NOT show me sailor dresses when I have to save money for my wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxx 😉

  6. Love the sailor dress! Unfortunately I can’t seem to afford any online shopping at the moment… Boo 🙁 xx

  7. I really love the style of the top at the top. I am a big fan of midi dresses too, probably the easiest style to wear.

  8. Dotty trousers <3 love them! xo

  9. Oh my god the sailor dress. Thanks so much for showing me something I want so bad but cant justify buying haha! It’s going on my Amazon wishlist though! Love the first top too 🙂

    Karys x

  10. The Sailor Dress is so pretty and elegant! I also like the crop top.