Thursday; my half day. Do some work from home this morning, work the flu clinic (first of the season) this afternoon. Four hours with the nurses logging vaccines and chatting to patients, I’ll do it! I’ve never witnessed so much excitement over getting a needle jabbed in your arm, the letters went out this week and since then we’ve been a flu hotline.

Wearing jumper dress from Next (about 18 months ago), New Look tights and Jeffrey Campbell sweat boots c/o Sarenza.

Do you get a flu jab? I’m getting mine this afternoon….no germs for me, please.

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  1. I really like those boots, they look fab on you.

    I don’t get flu jabs x

  2. Love the outfit. A jumper dress is the ultimate win-win item.
    I’ve not had a flu jab. Getting flu and spending a fortnight in bed sounds like a nice break to be honest.

  3. i’ve never had a flu jab. i’m not that brave when it comes to needles, i work myself up into a stress before a jab, so try to only have them when necessary ie. blood tests, or blood donation.

  4. Love the berry pink tights πŸ™‚

    Never had the flu jab, I’ve only every had flu once and never want to have it again. I wish there was a vaccine against colds, can’t seem to escape the winter without getting one of them.

  5. Ahhh I have such tights envy you look fab xxx

  6. urgh hate injections! good luck! hope it aint too sore! love ur pink tights hun πŸ™‚ x

  7. Love this outfit especially the boots! Nope never had the flu jab, I’m not that keen on needles x

  8. Love the colour of your tights, they go great with the boots x

  9. Great outfit, I love the dress xoxo

  10. Love this whole outfit, it looks great on you!
    I’ve never had a flu jab, I actually like injections (I know…) but I’d rather let my immune system do its thing. And to be fair, I’ve never had flu yet πŸ˜€


  11. Hey sweetie!!
    I adore your outfit!!
    It’s very cozy looking!!

    I’m off my Hiatus I’m hoping!!
    Double πŸ˜€


  12. Lil

    You’ve reminded me! I always get a flu jab cuz of my diabetes but now I’m up north and I’ve only just registered with a new doctor I’d forgotten all about it. Now you’re not just a fashion advisor to me but a health advisor too!

    I LOVE those boots. Putting together my review at the moment. Desperate to win that Β£800! Xx

  13. i love those tights with that outfit!

  14. J.

    Nope, I have never had one, and I’ve still been fine, so I guess I don’t really see the need to. Good luck getting yours though! πŸ™‚

  15. I love knitted dresses and those boots are fab xx

  16. not bothering with the flu jab as it is annoying to sort out as I can’t have the normal one. IDK.

    loving the outfit

  17. Love this outfit, it looks great. As do the coloured tights!

    I must admit I’m very tempted to pay for the flu jab this year!

    X x

  18. The flu rush seems to be starting in our dispensary, we’re just taking the bookings but they are filling veeeery quickly x

  19. You look lovely, I especially like that shade of purple on you!

    Maria xxx

  20. Love the nights. I’ve been stocking up on the New Look ones x

  21. Loving the boots :).

    Sadie x

  22. Mat

    i don’t get it but i probably should do

  23. never had one but then i dont get ill that often..(touch wood!)