A Shoe for all Seasons

So, this is part two of my post about Sarenza’s fantastic competition that could land you £800 worth of shoes. As an ambassador for the site, I’ve had the fortune to test their several times now. I’ve already raved about the excellent customer service (seriously, fastest and most helpful responses ever) and as shoe websites go, they have hands down the best selection of shoes I’ve seen…name an occasion and I bet you’ll find a shoe for it. This post today is going to take a look at my top picks of the new season collection and what I’ll be lusting after to complete my truly British winter footwear wardrobe.

No post on British footwear style can be done without a mention of Hush Puppies. A brand I grew up with (and to be frank, loathed due to it being the only place I could get school shoes) which has suddenly leaped back on to my radar with some stunning pieces. My new skinny cords are crying out for these Lover shoe boots (£70) in a colour that stands out from the crowd.

These Timberland pull on boots (£136) are just the things for an English winter…durable, snow worthy attire that will look stunning with thick tights (in a multitude of colours, of course!) and knitted dresses…and jeans, and skirts, and shorts…and yeah. The fluffy lining should keep frostbite at bay, too.

Irregular Choice can be a bit of a marmite brand, but I think these Otters boots (£80.64) make the perfect party shoe. Who wants to walk home in flimsy stilettos when it’s freezing and wet outside? Not me, that’s for sure! The perspex heel and snake print outer make these on trend and practical. I’m wondering how to justify yet another pair of boots…

And finally, for the dream work shoe. Secretary by Shellys (£82.44) are both high enough and sturdy enough to keep out the worst of the elements, yet feminine and just a little bit mad men. I’ll be dreaming of these as my feet shiver in flimsy flats and leaky boots. Perfect with a midi skirt and sheer blouse I think!

What shoes scream “Great British style” to you? For me, what sets it aside is a quirky edge and the ability to cope with a multitude of (awful) weather.

Check my last post for how to enter the competition yourself, and link me to your reviews!


15 comments for “A Shoe for all Seasons

  1. Really like those perspex heels!

  2. Love, Love, Love the last pair!!!!!

  3. What I don’t get about Sarenza is they don’t offer the full range of sizes. For example the Hush Puppies Lover shoe, I just found it on Amazon then checked out the official website and it goes up to a size 9 (my size unfortunately) but on Sarenza the top size is 8.5, it’s happened previously and it’s really frustrating.

  4. oh wow. i’m so in love with the first and the last pair. they’re so pretty.

  5. Oooh those Timberlands are perfect. Mr Threesmallapples is trying to force me to throw out my emergency-use-only Uggs (which I NEVER wear in polite society!!)but I need a cosy alternative before I can let go… those might be just the ticket!


  6. Love the first pair of boots 🙂


  7. HOW nice are those hush-puppies! I always associated the brand with old ladies (and Flossie Teacake books!) until I bought a pair of gun-metal coloured court shoes from there a couple of years ago- I was a convert from that moment!

  8. omG I love them all but the green one are the best!
    I want them ;D


  9. I love your choices, especially the timberlands and the secretary shoes, I would wear them in a heartbeat!

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