Totally Tribal

Oh how I love twitter, a week or so ago Katrina and I were have a pre payday browse of Matalan and fell in love with a dress; or rather, variations of the same dress. We made this fact known, because sharing is caring right? Well, the folks at Matalan certainly think so as they gifted Katrina and I the dresses so we could do a double blog post showing how we’d wear them.

I was head over heels for the tribal design, and Katrina embraced the gorgeous butterfly print. Both dresses are £20 and are available online now!

With the bold pattern, I decided to let the dress do the talking and teamed it with black tights from Tesco and my bargain New Look ankle boots. I did toy with the idea of orange/rust coloured tights, or my orange Jeffrey Campbell boots but in the end, simple won.

I can’t quite explain how much I love this dress, it’s not something I would typically be drawn to, but the combination of the sheer sleeves, bold print and the fabulous pointed collar won me over. I also love that come spring, bare legs and wedges will make just as much impact.

And how did Katrina wear hers? Well, you’ll need to pop over to her blog and find out…(and check out her giveaway whilst your there)

Which dress is your favourite? And how would YOU wear it?


40 comments for “Totally Tribal

  1. I LOVE THAT DRESS. looks incred on you xx

  2. Wow Laura, I love they way our dresses are similar but how different they look when we style them up.

    The colors in the dress work so well with your skin tone & hair color.
    Love Katrina xx

  3. Beautiful, really compliments your hair!!

  4. it’s a fab print and it looks like it will be really easy to style up and down. Love it!

  5. Wow, that’s amazing !!

  6. I love the tribal print 🙂 It look’s great with the ankle boots!

    Caroline x

  7. Great dresses 🙂

  8. That dress is stunning! I must check out Matalan more xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  9. Oh gosh love that dress so much, wouldn’t have guessed it was Matalan at all. I’m somewhat head over heels over the Butterfly print naturally. Great dress xxx

  10. Love the unusual print and the colours really suit you!

  11. Mat

    that’s ace, twitter is good like that

  12. Most gorgeous dress EVER!! xx

  13. Wow what a gorgeous dress! It’s right up my street, I love long sleeved mini dresses! Must check out Matalan more often! You loook gorgeous in it Laura!

  14. Kat

    I love this tribal print and the sleeves and collar make it perfect for transitional seasons! xx

  15. I love both dresses, so nice of Matalan to gift you both 🙂 x

  16. How I love the butterfly dress! So pretty x

  17. That dress looks lovely on you! I am starting to be drawn to tribal/aztec prints.


  18. Love the dress, very different but just as lovely! xx

  19. I love the dress and shoes you look lovely xx

  20. SERIOUSLY.. how amazing does this dress look on you? been eyeing it up in the shop.. and YOU my lady friend, are selling it so well!x

  21. I would wear it how you have I think, nice & simple. The dress speaks for itself.

  22. Ooh, suits you 🙂

    I love the cat (owl? I’m a bit blind) cushion in the last picture. xx

  23. I love both of these dresses! And what a great price! Saying that…you could make a binbag look great! xx

  24. I love both of these dresses! And what a great price! Saying that…you could make a binbag look great! xx

  25. love that dress! X

  26. Love the dress and the colors consisted on it!!

  27. Aaah, at the risk of sounding like a raging pervert, your outfit posts always send me into fits of jealous rage with your amazing legs!

    Emily x

  28. Oh wow! I’d seen the butterfly pattern one but not this! It’s gorgeous, can’t get enough of aztec print. xx

  29. Oh Laura! I love love LOVE this dress, this is definitely my favourite out of the two and the print goes so well with the colour of your hair.

  30. I love that dress! Matalan always has cute pieces xx

  31. This dress is gorgeous! I prefer the azrec pattern 🙂

  32. This dress is gorgeous! I prefer the azrec pattern 🙂

  33. Love that dress, looks amazing 😀

  34. HI! i’ve just found your blog and like your style! this dress is greta, I am soo into arange these days!
    I am happy to be your newest follower. Xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  35. That’s awesome that they sent you botht the dress! I love how you’re both wearing it so differently…think my fave would be the tribal print xx

  36. that dress looks great on you. love the print!

  37. Nicee ther’re from Matalan! I like the one with the butterfly, its soo cute. Defo having a look when im there next!

  38. what a fantastic find – can’t wait to see what you two come up with!