Totally Tropical

I might have discovered a new favourite print for the season- forget florals, right now I’m all about tropical. From palm trees to flamingoes I’m loving anything that reminds me of a desert island and so when Missguided sent me this dress I was all over it, they have some really stunning tropical print pieces right now and remain one of my favourite online clothes shops to browse.

Dress c/o Missguided | Shoes: New Look

I love everything about this dress– from the pom-pom hem to the double strap details. It’s a wrap front dress and being rather flat chested I did have to pin it to make it decent (I might even get round to stitching it one day!) but other than that it’s perfect and so light and cool for during the heatwave we had.
I’m not sure why I look so tired in these photos, it’s something I’ve noticed in a lot of my photos actually- how do other bloggers managed such healthy, fresh looking skin? I’m majorly missing a trick here so if you have any tips and advice then feel free to leave it in the comments!


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  1. Love that dress. I’m a sucker for tropical prints!

  2. Janine C

    I don’t think you look tired but I’m queen of faking the flawless skin so I thought I’d share my tips;

    vichy dermablend foundation. yes it’s full coverage but it doesn’t look like that and it’s not heavy. Just gives you flawless perfect skin.

    Sally Hensen airbrush legs (lotion version not spray one) yes I wear this on my face! I use it for special occasions under my vichy dermablend. seriously it makes you look airbrushed and glowing. also makes you look really healthy in a california outdoor girl kind of way.

    Shimmer bricks- a god send to brighten my complexion.

    All work fabulous for me. If you saw my skin without these things (especially the vichy) you wouldn’t believe it’s same skin. my skin is pale, covered in freckles and blotches with thread veins all over my cheeks and massive eye bags (having MS and a stressful full time job doesn’t mix well)

    Hope I’ve helped a bit πŸ™‚

    lovely dress too!!

  3. You are way to hard on yourself, you don’t look tired, I promise!

  4. What a lovely frock! The pom poms are sooo cute. You don’t look tired at all! :O

  5. You look amazing! Gotta love those pom poms!

  6. I love the pattern on the dress, the tropical print is gorgeous, and I think you look lovely Laura – not a hint of tiredness on that skin at all! – Tasha xxx

  7. This is just stunning on you Laura, flawless! Especially against your gorgeous red hair <3

    Wish I could give you some tips but I walk around with massive bags under my eyes due to ridic late nights (self inflicted, I blame Twitter), but I must say I think if anything you look really luminous in these pics! Not tired at all! If you're after a hero-product my friend Paula recommended Origin's GinZing Eyecream on a recent post: , I call her the beauty queen, she knows her stuff and I have a feeling this is no exception! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  8. well you look gorgeous! loving that tropical print on you.
    I know what you mean though about looking washed out because i’ve had it many a times (even when im not tired lol!)
    try not facing the sun when you take photos, have the sun behind you to give you a warm glow.
    Also if you wear foundation/bb cream that has spf in it that can often make you appear white in the photos due to its reflective qualities (apparently?!) I used to look like casper all the time in photos, it was horrendous haha, until i discovered my tinted moisturiser at the time was indeed spf!

  9. I need some tropical prints in my wardrobe! I LOVE my Dr Jart BB cream, it has totally changed my skin πŸ™‚

    Maria xxx