Someone has been indulging in retail therapy! Well deserved I think as I got some good news about work this week!

Sneak preview ((everything will be shown properly when I wear it))

Matalan were kind enough to send me a gift voucher so I dragged Dad along to spend it today after work!

I GOT THE DAISY DRESS, I had little hope of my local shop having it, but they did, and in my size. Happpyyy! They didn’t have the spacey printed dress I wanted but I found this fabulous floral one and happily made off with that.

Blouse, I’ve been looking for some nice blouses for work, and this one is lined, too which is an added bonus. I’m thinking it’ll also look rather snazzy with my denim skirt.

Feather ring…just because.

That little lot came to just under £50 I think.

Noticing a flower theme here…I won this dress super cheap on ebay.

Not really a purchase as it’s on contract (my first ever contract phone, eep). My Nokia died on me so I decided, after much tweeting for advice to go for a Blackberry curve.

And the cake?


R.I.P. Delicious sponge.


OH and Bristol peeps, if anyone is around Sunday night, my bro’s band, Richard Parker is playing at The Croft from 7:30pm, I’m not going (boo) but the band are crashing with us this weekend so I’ll try and get some photos etc.

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  1. loving this haul 🙂 especially the daisy dress, cant wait to see it on u 🙂
    love the pink bb casing 🙂

  2. great haul – loving the daisy dress!! x

  3. A great haul! Can’t wait to see it all on. <3 Matalan x

  4. That cake did look yummy with it’s multicoloured goodness! 🙂

    Looks like you had a nice little shopping trip there.

    I keep seeing things I want in magazines and they all seem to be from Matalan, they’ve definately upped their game with the SS collection and a visit there is much needed!

  5. yay very glad you managed to track down the daisy dress 🙂

  6. Oh I’m feeling the urge to shop! That blouse looks lovely 🙂

  7. Oh the daisy dress is perfect. The blouse looks lovely too. I can’t work out these sheer things at the moment – you only have to wear something underneath them, so why not line them in the first place? (sound like my mum, don’t I?)

  8. Ooooh i’m so glad you got the daisy dress, can’t wait to aee you wear it xx

  9. That daisy print dress is brilliant and I love the flowery theme. Perfect for the Springtime. And RIP lovely, gorgeous, yummy looking cake. Have fun in cake heaven! By the way, good luck for your brother’s band! My Uncle’s in one too so I know how stressful it can be. Thanks for the lovely comment too, I like the blue as well 🙂 xxx

  10. great picks!!! shopping has always been a picker-upper and i’m glad you were able to score these amazing finds! pretty dress! and the cake looks yummy!


  11. I recently got a Matalan voucher as well but I couldn’t really find much to spend it on which was a shame. I saw the Daisy Dress but it wouldn’t suit me, I bet it looks great on you though!

  12. i like the dress you won on ebay! and I need a new phone but I don’t use my phone enough to go contract: In fact I only use my phone for emergencies! (but I do fancy an iPhone so I can put my music on it!)


  13. Love your buys esp the daisy dress from ebay.

  14. Aah great dresses! I wish there was a matalan near me 🙁 and what a beautiful Blackberry 😉

  15. Gorgeous dresses! Love the blouse also. Matalan is great for clothes, shoes, jewellery. PRetty much everything at the moment.
    Hopefully planning a trip once I get some money.


  16. Your dresses are fab, looking forward to seeing them being modelled, and that ring – I want it!
    That cake looked fabulous, you are brill at cakes.
    Kandi x

  17. Lovely things.. the dress from ebay is very pretty too ! Enjoy the world of the BB !

  18. The daisy dress is so perfect and I love the blouse too xx

  19. ooohhh looks like you got some lovely stuff! can’t wait to see some outfit photos! erm…does that cake have a mini jammie dodger on it?? AMAZING!! x

  20. I love the daisy dress – and I’m pleased that the cake was good! I need to start baking! x

  21. You made me want to raid a Matalan store soon! And that cake looked like it was tasty, for its look and the way it disappeared 😛

  22. I am dying to get that daisy dress but they never have my size in store. I am too tight to pay for postage! Haha!

  23. Ohh you sure picked up some nice goodies. I love the sunflower print.


  24. Anything floral is brilliant. Especially loving the ebay dress.

    I had utter baking fail yesterday 🙁


  25. I love everything you got!!
    So spring inspiring!!



  26. The blackberry curve is a smart choice! I loveeee mine. Best phone I’ve ever had!

    The stuff you got is really cute! I adore the ring!

  27. hahaha Sometimes you just need some good retail therapy. I’m in love with that feather ring!!!!

  28. The daisy dress looks super cute – looking forward to outfit pics. xx

  29. Amy

    I am loving that daisy dress! I can’t wait to see you wear it, it is going to look so fabulous on you!!

    And congratulations on the good work news. 🙂


  30. Looks like you got some great stuff! I have my Matalan vouchers, but there isn’t a Matalan near me, so will hopefully travel to one next week! I’m so much more excited to spend now.

  31. Wow what a haul! You have some lovely things. Really like the pretty dresses.

    Who would have thought matalan would stock such pretty things.

    X x

  32. Kim

    Gorgeous dresses! I swear I walked past a dress that looked the exact same as the daisy dress in the top photo in Primark the other day! xxx

  33. oh the daisy dress is so nice! a perfect copy of a topshop one too.

  34. result! Great buys, can’t wait to see them as outfits 🙂

  35. The dresses look so pretty but I particularly look forward to the daisy one.
    Hope you are getting to grips with your new phone. Love the pink cover. x

  36. Oohhh gig! man i’ve not been to a gig in forever . that cake looks amazing…is that a biscuit i spy too?wow a biscuit cake combo to say I’m jealous doesn’t cut it !:p
    peace xxx

  37. the cake looks great! I am so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    and congrats on the new phone! I love it as well as all of your amazing clothes 😉


  38. Well, lucky you!! I love everything you purchased, especially the daisy dress and that fabulous lil blackberry. 🙂 Have fun with the new phone!

    PS. That cake you made in the previous post is (or, should I say, was, lol) so beautiful! And it looked so yummy. 😉 xoxo

  39. Hooraay for the daisy dress!! esp after the stupid playsuit wasn’t long enough [damn tallness eh?]. I love spending vouchers…it’s like spending monopoly money…never a bad feeling!


  40. I love the daisy print. Lovely. Xx

  41. Whoa, this is gorgeous. Think about all the looking at and composing you could do this… Cold in winter although.