under layer essentials and cheap frills

Damart + thermals = pretty? Not the most obvious conclusion to jump to, and one I hadn’t really considered until a beautifully wrapped parcel was delivered just before Christmas (when we had that brief, bloody freezing cold snap).
Moving away from images of yellowing long johns and itchy fabric, this gorgeously soft pair of leggings and equally pretty top are fast becoming a winter staple. They make fantastic PJs on cold nights, but are also thin enough to layer nicely under trousers and leggings/tops and dresses. Suddenly I find myself longing for snow. At £16 for the leggings, and £20 for the top, these are a worthy investment, you can purchase yours here! Damart is one of those shops that’s really grown on me in the last 12 months and has taught me never to judge a book by it’s cover.

And check out the pretty treasures that Cheap Frills sent my way! The necklace was a piece I was instantly drawn to and sits perfectly over my favoured knitwear. The ring has the added bonus of being adjustable, making it far more practical than other double finger rings I’ve tried (and accommodates my sausage fingers quite comfortably). There is currently a good old sale going on at Cheap Frills and some exciting new arrivals on the way; follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop…with reasonable prices and fast, friendly service this is a site to keep your eye on!


13 comments for “under layer essentials and cheap frills

  1. I’m glad that thermals are finally getting a bit prettier, I get cold so often I’d love to be able to wear some under my clothes!

  2. I love thermals, me! And these ones are actually pretty, who would’ve though it?!
    Love the double finger cross ring! Will definitely have to having a look for some of my own goodies!

  3. They are really pretty x

  4. I’m going to to do a thermals post, I live in vests in the winter.

  5. Everyone needs a pair of thermals. I have never seen such cute ones 🙂

    They would be lovely to lounge in whilst feasting on a Earl Grey Cupcake :-p



  6. Thermals are an absolute must when you work somewhere as cold as I do. I would freeze to death without them!


  8. wow i want some now! never even considered them xXx

  9. You know, I’ve always wanted to invest in some thermals and never really knew which ones to get.. I might have a look into these. xx

  10. Oh gosh I love thermals! And I have never seen any so pretty in all the time I’ve hunted for them! These are adorable!
    Is it bad that I’m getting more excited about the thermals than I do about lacy underwear hmmmm not good lol


  11. Ooh, those look mega cosy! X

  12. My

    oh i love that thermal! I desperately need to invest in some pretty thermals!

  13. I have plenty of snow her in Canada… wish I could ship some over the Atlantic to you!