Win a Pineapple tracksuit.

With the arrival of Winter comes the craving for comfy clothes for those times when you don’t fancy leaving the house but it’s too early to justify pajamas…who knows when the need for emergency chocolate/wine/cake supplies will arise?!
Enter the tracksuit (also suitable for the sporty, energetic types) and PineappleΒ clothing who do them better than most.

When I was younger I spent ages coveting the Pineapple clothing which was at the time stocked in Debenhams, Eventually I had enough money of my own to buy a few pieces and I was always impressed with how comfortable and well cut they were. My teenage self loved the comfortable tracksuit bottoms and hoodies and although for a while I grew out of wanting to wear them, I find myself all of a sudden craving a slouchy style for hibernation lounging (and maybe some gym trips in the new year…maybe).

Pineapple are teaming up with adaisychaindream to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Charcoal Grey tracksuitΒ in your choice of size…The hoodie is available in XS-L and the bottoms come in XS-M
This might seem like an odd choice of giveaway from me and I can’t explain my sudden shift in style but these really, really appeal (the desire to hide the bloated body maybe?!)

Anyway, to win all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite lounge wear or gym wear consists of and leave a way for me to contact you if you win.
The giveaway will close next Friday 9th November at 7pm and the winner will be picked via Limited to UK readers only I’m afraid.

Good luck folks, trust me, this is a good ‘un! Thank you to Pineapple for offering up this prize.

99 comments for “Win a Pineapple tracksuit.

  1. I am craving tracksuit style clothes again!!! Ive got my self a new black hoodie so I suppose that would be my fave lounge wear along with some tartan print pj bottoms!! And a big pair of fluffy slippers…..ah bliss…..not forgetting a hot chocolate too! Ive never tried pineapple tracksuits but they do look simple yet nice!!

  2. Ah I love cosy clothes SO much! I’ve just got a pair of Gilly Hicks trackie bottoms which are my current favourite lounge wear, as they’re so soft and comfy. I love sticking them on when i get home from work with a nice grey t-shirt or hoodie!

  3. Well my favourite lounge wear is my onesie though that it probably not suitable for the gym! This weather definitely makes the prospect of snuggling up in a nice warm hoody very appealing! X

  4. I live in loungewear, the joys of having a dog! It’s like come in and get changed instantly then sit down lol!

  5. Looks great,last few days I’ve been wearing my live to run tracksuit,great for rushing around to the gym and keeping warm πŸ™‚

  6. My winter lounging gear consists of pajamas with white fluffy clouds on, a hooded dressing gown & ski socks! If I had a smart Pineapple jogging suit instead I would be able to answer the doorbell if it rings instead of being too embarassed!

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  8. My favourite lounge wear is a big, big lumberjack shirt and leggings.

  9. i have tracksuit bottoms that i just love


  10. tracksuit bottoms ,very comfortable


  11. Maybe a bit Essex, but I love a gorgeous velour tracksuit! It’s so comfy for lounging around the house in! It’s also perfect for wearing on the way to and from the gym!! xx

  12. i longe around in my grotty tracki bottoms with holes in and a t shirt very comfy

  13. I have a really fluffy fleecy tracky that my Mum bought for me 10 years ago! Add to that some cool Zaini knitted slippers and jobs a good un! @jobster1 on Twitter πŸ™‚

  14. i lounge around in some pink floral printed PJs from Peacocks- the pattern just cheers me up, especially in winter! evespikey[at]

  15. I like slobbing in some black trackie bottoms and a fleece top….

  16. Alexandra

    I love my KP Equestrian Velour tracksuit. I have 3 in different colours. They are so soft and comfortable. They look great, fit well..the colours are gorgeous AND they are by Katie Price. They are PERFECT. I’m always lounging in my KP Velour tracksuits πŸ™‚


  17. these look comfy and nice
    i dont really have any lounge wear at the moment so if i really wanna lounge around then i have to go for pjs, so i do need something new
    contact twitter @ummziyad

  18. I have some pyjamas i bought 3/4 bottoms and a t-shirt top, very comfy, really must get myself somemore

  19. oops you can contact me on twitter @alienbuffy

  20. Tracksuit is comfortable.

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  22. My favourite lounge wear is pyjamas with something cute on them- pug dogs, cats, owls.

  23. my all time favourite lounge wear has got to be – Men’s Flannel Drawstring PJ’S! they are the best!!

  24. woops, forgot my contact, it is: Cheers!

  25. I love to loaf around in my pj’s as I don’t own a tracksuit of any description! Just means I look strange if I have to pop out to collect hubby! kristynco{at}hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

  26. I love being in my pjs tbh! But tracksuits are a bit more socially acceptable if you want to lounge about during the day, especially if someone pops round unnanounced!

  27. I wear pyjamas and faithfull old dressing gown as my evening attire.

  28. Faveourite lounge wear is anything comfy and warm, so a tracksuit is perfect! Failing that, a dressing gown and PJ’s are the next best thing.

  29. It’s got really really cold recently so I’m living in long ski socks. Really long – up to just below my knees and sooo comfy.

  30. i love a loose pair of pj bottoms and a t-shirt

  31. Black tracksuit bottoms and a comfy T-shirt.

  32. my favourite loung around outfit has to be my adidas tracksuit bottoms

  33. Love lounging in my tracksuit pants just sooo comfortable! πŸ™‚

  34. Anonymous

    Has to be tracksuit bottoms and a soft fleece to lounge in.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  35. Not ashamed to say I love my onesie πŸ˜€

  36. My leggings are my fav & I can wear them on the school run too accompanied by my snugly big jumper

  37. Anonymous

    I love tracksuits, nice cotton ones. They are just the ultimate in comfort. For the gym i like to wear leggings and a t-shirt.

  38. All I wear in the house for hanging about in is joggers, much more comfortable for cleaning in and lounging about. I have some nice burgundy velour bottoms which I love and look smart but only wear them in the house. I don’t go to the gym

  39. I love my nike trackies because they are so comfy!

  40. I love wearing yoga pants and simple vest tops for lounging, I add long sleeved tops in cooler weather. At the gym it is boy shorts and bra tops.

  41. Renee Armstrong

    Track suit everytime for me

  42. Christina

    I love nice warm fleecy lined jogging bottoms with several layers as tops

  43. It has to be Joggers and a hoody πŸ™‚ pefect Comfy and loose πŸ™‚

  44. leanne baxter

    Favourite Loungewear is defo a nice big Hoody and Joggers!!! Perfect for me just now as I am just out the hospital and need to some comfy clothes πŸ™‚

    Would love these for a wee treat to myself πŸ™‚ xx

  45. My lounging outfit of choice at the minute is a fleecy onesie from Primark (shame!)

    My parents/boyfriend/friends have a right chuckle at me when I wear it but it’s so darn cosy!

    Maybe upgrading to a tracksuit is the way forward?! πŸ˜›

  46. Anonymous

    Trackie bottoms and an old sweatshirt

  47. I love to wear my flowery pyjama bottoms with a t-shirt and then if I get cold a nice fluffy hoody!

    Email – robertfox24[at]aol[dot]com
    Twitter – @bloomingfox

  48. My favourite loungewear is a pair of Primark fleecey pjs – so an upgrade to Pineapple would be good lol

  49. Oops forgot to say that i can be contacted on twitter @LindyHine

  50. I;ve recently got a pair of purple fluffy boot slippers – perfect for lounging around in this cold weather!

  51. I love my pjs!!

  52. when i get hom from work the first thing i do is put my pjs on! if im not going out, i wear pjs all day!

  53. tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt….and chill πŸ™‚

  54. jooley

    fluffy pjs hooded dressing gown and warm slippers nice warm hot choc this is bliss with a good book or thriller on tele

  55. I love wearing my Jack wills skinny cosy tracky bottoms, a plain baggy t-shirt and my bootie slippers I got from Iceland (the country not the supermarket) πŸ˜€

  56. I love lounging in my pj’s and big fleece dressing gown.

  57. Anna Aird

    Jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt which I bought about 7 years ago on a cruise ship! Comfortable and happy memories!!

  58. Anonymous

    I practacally live in jog bottoms & a tee, I love feeling snug & comfortable!


    ive recently lost 2 stone and need some new working out clothes and this tracksuit would be fantastic.

  60. For me its leggings and a tshirt – very comfy! xoxo

  61. Hello, I love to wear buggy tracksuits! please contact me on if I win. Thank you Petra

  62. Jayne

    Ooo! Comfy tracksuit, warm and great for relaxing, home work outs etc. @MAMASITA_JAINE

  63. My favourite thing to lounge around in is freshly washed pyjamas!

  64. I love a comfy tracksuit hoodie, I have worn my constant one for the last three years in my spare time. Keeps me warm, ideal for going to Zumba and general lounging clothing.

  65. Lona Jones

    Love my grey jogging bottoms and pink top, They are ideal for lounging in and going to the gym!

  66. I usually chill out in jeans, but sometimes fancy something cosier and softer.

  67. I love to lounge around in my pjs with a picture of a staffie dog on and my nice cosy pink dressing gown x

  68. I really need a pineapple for my zumba class, I look dreadful at the moment, haha!
    My favourite loungewear at the mo is my zebra stripe pj’s and big fluffy hug jumper. Trust me I’m classy!

  69. I love to lounge around in cotton pj shorts and a cami top with a big cosy cardi if it’s cold

  70. Ser

    my pjs are my fav specially if there just out the dryer but these look really cosy too.

  71. I have a onesie which I dress in when I want to unwind. It is blue with white polka dots and has closed in feet with penguins on them. Really cute.

  72. Anonymous

    I love to lounge about in my pjs they are blue silk very comfortable. If I want extra warmth/comfort I had my yellow fluffy dressing cown. The dressing gown goes well with my yellow


  73. BeX

    I have some jasper conrad Pjs that are perfect as they’re good enough to lounge iN!

  74. What beats lounging around in your PJ’s? Nothing, but that can be a bit chilly, so PJ’s and sweatshirt if required.

  75. I have a lovely pair of strechy jazz pants I wear with a strappy top and a fleecy hoody super comfy!!!

  76. i have go some lovely marks bottoms which are nice and comfy. on top i wear a plain t-shirt. i cant wait to get in the house to change. @emmajlowe

  77. Loose jersey palazzo pants and a snug hoodie are always my fave things to put on when I want to lounge around. Or of course this gorgeous tracksuit if |I was lucky enough to win it :o)

  78. I love a t-shirt and jogging pants with a zip top for when it’s cold!

  79. my favourite is jogging bottom with a warm cardigan over my top

  80. @froggybiby on twitter

  81. My chilling out gear is my hareem trackys and superdry hoodie, snug as a bug!! πŸ™‚

  82. At the moment the only lounge wear I have is a pair of PJ shorts and top – love them but it is getting chilly now Hence why I am here and hoping x

  83. Loads of layers under my tracky for keeping warm and cosy, thick socks and comfy slippers…my kind of comfy heaven!

  84. Pjs – some warm, soft ones and cosy slippers.

  85. At the end of a day I like to put on my jogging bottoms and a nice thick jumper and curl up on the chair to watch my soaps and relax

  86. My lounge wear has to be my pj’s, after a hot bath they are just the ticket……. brushed cotton and warm. Wish i could wear them all the time

  87. Winning would make my day this track suit is fantastic!

  88. My favourite Loungewear consists of comfy leggings and a Snuggly thick Jumper with Thick socks.

  89. Anonymous

    My fav is a loose fitting tracksuit and thick socks in winter.My wife was going to buy me a onezie (an all in one lounge suit but that is not going to happen. contact

  90. Cat

    For me I love a mens hoody so it’s to big for me and snuggly along with jogging bottoms. I won’t answer the door in them though lol

  91. My Pink valour trackie!
    Looks awful but feels great!

  92. My favourite loungewear is anything made of fleece, preferably several sizes too big for me πŸ™‚


  93. I love nothing better than lounging about is a fleecy tracksuit

  94. Yay to this giveaway,

    I wear a fleecy top and tracky bottoms around the house, being cosy is my favourite thing πŸ™‚

    You can e-mail me on;


  95. I love relaxing in my grey joggers and a cotton long sleeved top- so relaxing and comfy, and great if I just need to nip to the shop.

    If I am lucky enough to win, you can contact me at sarahcooper2004 at hotmail dot com

    Thanks xx

  96. Trackie bottoms are a favourite along with a nice soft hoody and thick socks to lounge in..

  97. i love trackies while in the house very comfy

  98. Mine is a pair of jersey pants from Ikea, comfy but way too long!

  99. Anonymous

    I tend to live in trackie bottoms and a hoodie, that or pj’ and dressing gown. I have a dog so rarely wear anything decent indoors, but also have overly flexible joints, so I like wearing things that let me move my joints freely.