Yes Please



Both from ASOS

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  1. I love them both-especially the boots 🙂

  2. ohhh both are gorge,drooling over the boots

  3. yes boots are good than top

  4. MJ

    SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES! Amazing. If you have the money, get them! They’d look awesome on you!

  5. those boots are FANTASTIC!

  6. Ooooh. Want to thank you and berate you at the same time. I WANT those boots…..yum. Gahhhhh….

    Are you going to indulge?

  7. Fab choices, darling ~ especially loving those boots!


  8. oh! loving both of those!

  9. Ooooh! Hot boots! 😀 Xxxc

  10. the shoes are so cool!

  11. Love the boots!! are the expensive?
    I cant look at ASOS.. Im too broke! xx

  12. Likin’ the dress! Soooooooooooo 1980’s xxxx

  13. Sigh! ASOS is so fabulous. I want it all!

  14. Oh that dress is so you- i demand you treat yourself to something, yep, tis an order!


  15. these pieces are so YOU! you definitely need to get hold of them :))

  16. love those boots and the pattern on that dress is awesome xoxox

  17. ohhhh those boots!!! maybe i can convince someone to get me some for my birthday! xx

  18. oh that dress!! i want it !!!


  20. That dress! Those shoes! Sigh. I want. 🙁

  21. i adore those shoes

    Vi from Cali

  22. Ah i wish i wasn’t broke!

  23. Oh, please get them, they will look gorgeous on you!

  24. two fantastic choices. Love!

  25. AMEN!

    i love them both.

    Ill pray i get them too. I am not sute if ASOS ship in the Philippines. Bum.

    have a great day!Thanks for sharing this

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  26. Meg

    Oh my gosh, I love those boots!

  27. Oh wow !I want them both !!

  28. Great finds! Those boots are fantastic! I like how they’re a little reminiscent of the Isabel Marant ones everyone is raving about, but they’re not complete rip-offs. The chains and the gold tip are a nice touch.

  29. gorgeous pics-I’m still searching for the perfect low black boots xx

  30. Wow the detailing on that dress is amazing!
    I love asos, I could literally sit and drool at the clothes all day 😛

  31. wow, those are great boots!

  32. I saw these boots in Kurt Geiger last week. I AM IN LOVE.

  33. Those booties are fabulous! Loving the gold chain/harness detailing! 🙂

  34. i want to order those shoes too!!! they’re so pretty. they remind me of those topshop ones, except flat!

  35. Anonymous

    Ooooh. I wouldn’t wear the dress, but like the shoes.-Feather