A Shade Braver

I’m fully fledged red head once more! After a chat with the stylist we decided to go a shade darker than last time, as the colour has less copper in it, meaning as it fades I shouldn’t go as orange! Win. Ever since I first went red (not that long ago) I decided I had finally found the colour for me. Something about the rich, vibrant hue brings about a new sense of confidence. One cannot be shy and retiring with hair this shade.

Not the most flattering of photos, but hey…it’s early!

Teamed with bold colours galore. Making the most of an unusual late start to the working day so I can take a trip to a long awaited appointment.

What hair colour do you feel most comfortable with? Has having a change affected your attitude/personality?


To those who have expressed concern for my well-being, I’m fine. Temporary blip which I’m working my ass off to correct.

49 comments for “A Shade Braver

  1. I love it, it looks amazing on you πŸ™‚ I’ve only had my hair red once and I was never brave enough to do it again…

    Also loving the shoes!

  2. WOW your hair looks good on you. I love the floral dress too ^_^

  3. I’ve always been really pale so I’m much happier being a redhead now πŸ™‚ no-one believes me that I was once dark haired haha xxx

  4. cute outfit!

    I’m too am a redhead and I love being this colour! A tip for you tho to maintain the vibrancy – you can mix some hairdye (xxl) with your conditioner and leave it in your hair for 5 minutes. Works every time πŸ™‚ I may be doing a tutorial on this in the future though!


  5. Love the hair colour it really suits you.

    I actually love my dark hair although I keep putting bright streaks of colour in it I’d probabaly dye my whole head pink or purple if I could but too much bleaching would probably fry my hair xoxo

  6. Love it!!! Suits you so well πŸ™‚ Also I love how it looks so stunning when you wear other bright colours πŸ™‚ Just came across your blog and I love it, now following. Would love if you’d pay my blog a visit and follow back πŸ™‚


  7. I love that colour! It looks wonderful πŸ™‚ x

  8. Ooo love the hair! That colour looks great on you!

  9. I love red on you so much. It’s such a colour pop and it goes so so well with your skin tone. So pretty!

  10. I think you look great in brights – they totally suit you, inside and out! x

  11. you look great Laura! I’ve stayed red sinc I tried it the first time. There’s just something in that colour… πŸ˜‰ xxx

  12. Very pretty! I am most happiest with my hair being a caramel-y sort of colour like it is now (though in the sun, it looks really ginger – like in the pics on my blog). I have naturally black hair so any colour that develops in my hair is good. even ginger! <3

  13. stunning red hair! love it. I also love the whole bold colour theme going on here.

  14. I think red hair suits you so much!
    I also feel more confident with my hair red!!I love all shades of red but recently I’ve changed from dark red to a lighter red and I prefer it!!

  15. Hot, Hot, Hot I love it!!!!!

  16. It looks great – really bold. I used to lighten my hair but am now happier darker (no roots problem and it’s cheapaer!). xx

  17. Love love love the tights!!
    Hair looks super cute xx

  18. i love the red hair, it looks wonderful. i’m scared of colouring my hair so i’ve never done it but i pine for my curls to be a deeper brown!

    jade. x

  19. It looks gorgeous!! x

  20. Red is such a great colour – I really love it on you!

  21. Vix

    I always told you you’d make a beautiful redhead, it looks brilliant, really shows off your colouring and eyes.
    Dyeing my blonde locks black is the best thing I ever did. x

  22. Your hair looks great and I love the dress.

  23. Such an awesome redhead!


  24. The red looks fabulous on you! Love your little booties πŸ™‚

  25. Your colour looks utterly amazing! It really suits you. Do you feel different/better in all your old clothes when you put them on now?

    I’m addicted to the platinum blonde dye bottle and it has a couple of downsides: one it costs a fortune to keep up, and two it wrecks my hair. But… it just feels ‘me’!

  26. Yay, bright hair again!

    Mine is fading but I still like the browny red colour.

    I really like your shoes

  27. Love this outfit.
    I’m naturally black haired but I’ve lightened it a smidge and feel more comfortable because it washed me out previously.
    I really want to red but my hair it too dark and I’d have to bleach it which really puts me off for some reason. I’m rubbish with up keep.

  28. i’m in love with this colour! defs keep it forever and everrrr xx

  29. This colour looks so good on you and I think it would definitely make me braver! I have ‘virgin hair’ as it has never been dyed and I think it is quite a nice colour naturally so I have never wanted to change it as it would be too much upkeep!

    Maria xxx

  30. I love that shade on you! I always feel confident just after I get my hair a diff colour (brown/blonde highlights) but then I get fed up with it quickly!

  31. Your hair looks very pretty and so does the dress. Pretty photos too.

  32. U look fantastic!


  33. It looks great!

  34. Your hair colour is stunning and really really suits your colouring, and its great its given you a confidence boost too!
    Ive been bottle blonde for most of my life now but I felt that confidence boost when I cropped off my long naturally curly hair and shocked my family AND the hairdresser when I looked in the mirror and said “actually, make it even shorter!”.

  35. Love it. It really suits you πŸ™‚ Also love your shoes! xx

  36. Omg I love it and it suits you so much xx

  37. That colour is fab fab fab!

  38. You look soo pretty with red hair! I love it! I’ve always had a secret yearning to be a red head and dyed my hair almost that shade of red when I was 14- it did make me feel more confident (and strangely as I was only the 2nd person to do it in high school, all the ‘in-crowd’ were all very surprised- was very odd!).

  39. I thought your hair looked amazing before hand, it looks even more amazing now πŸ˜€

  40. I hope you’re ok, that last line had me worried πŸ™ Shoes are so cute, and that hair colour looks awesome on you. Of course I’m biased as I completely endorse red hair being a redhead from birth, haha. I’ve never had the courage to dye my hair, plus my Mum would kill me! xxx

  41. Hey,

    Love LOVE your blog!! defiantly following!

    follow me if you like?


  42. Hope everything is ok πŸ™‚
    I like to remain in the shade so I’m quite happy with my light brown barnet.

  43. Jo

    You really suit your red hair, it looks even more amazing when you were colourful tights. I had partially pink hair in my first year at uni (it just felt right being an art student!) but I ended up finding it hard to colour co-ordinate with my clothes and it faded a funny colour. Now I don’t bother with dyes, I’m lucky because my hair naturally has a lot of colour variation- golden blonde, copper, brown!

  44. I love your hair…you can wear all black outfits from now on and still be fabulously stylish πŸ™‚ I dyed my hair pink a few years ago by accident…a few pink streaks turned into all-over pink…it was one of the best mistakes I ever made!!


  45. Red suits you so well! I’ve never had a colour change or even a re-style. Just plain old me πŸ™‚

  46. I love it – you look stunning xx

  47. Anonymous

    Oooh! Great hair, and I want those shoes. Yeah, having a different hair color really changes the way I feel. I opt for lighter-brighter shades, they give me more of a spark & bring me out of my shell. πŸ™‚