The New Beauty Wonder Oil- Cacay Naturals

I’ve been a fan of using oil based products in my beauty regime for a few years now. I first picked some up whilst on holiday in Spain- my hair was feeling the wrath of 40 degree heat and having spied Argan oil in a shop I grab some out of desperation and the rest, as they say is history.

Since then it’s not just been on my hair that I’ve used oils. Although I’ve not ventured in to the territory of facial skin care I do use coconut oil on my very dry elbows and knees with excellent results. When I received an e-mail about a new oil on the beauty block that is suitable for all skin types, is 100% natural/organic/vegan, is cruelty free and contains more benefits that my old faithful Argan oil I was intrigued.

Cacay oil claims to be the purest anti-ageing oil out there, rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid and with skin healing properties I was really eager to try this for myself.

But first, what is Cacay oil? Not something I’d ever heard of that’s for sure. Apparently it is an oil made from the highly nutritious nut of the Cacay fruit. This edible, protein rich oil has been used for centuries by indigenous Amazonian people to treat skin irritations and to help with wound healing.

Sounded good to me!

There’s not much to say about the oil itself, I was a bit surprised that it doesn’t really have a scent to it but that’s not a bad thing. I really liked that the bottle comes with a pipette dropper which makes application really easy and precise. Over the last week I’ve been using this oil in all aspects of my beauty regime- and that includes, out of interest on my hair.

Does it work? Well, I can’t claim to look ten years younger after such a short space of time but the fine lines that insist on appearing around my eyes are less noticeable to my eyes. My elbows and knees have never been so soft and my hair is loving this (applied with a light hand before blow drying) and feels silky smooth and nourished. Being somewhat haphazard whilst making mince pies the other day I also popped a drop of Cacay oil on to a rather nasty burn on my hand that was driving me mad and although it didn’t magically heal up it did sooth the searing pain and scorched skin feeling.

So overall I’m impressed. As I mentioned it’s really hard to gauge the anti-ageing properties after only a week but I am happy to report back if anyone wants to know.

Cacay oil is available to buy on amazon (direct link) at £32.75 for a 30ml bottle which strikes me as reasonable given a) the sheer number of ways you can use this and b) you only need the tiniest amount so it will last forever.

Let me know if you give it a go or want a more in depth review of any of the claims.

Trollied Dolly

Hello there first outfit post featuring my new hair- about time really since almost two weeks has passed since I had it cut and coloured. It’s amazing what a new style and shade can do for a girl, I’m having so much fun styling my shorter locks and the vibrant colour has made me feel like the “real me” again. Under some lights it looks pretty pink, something very new for me and I’m just loving it.

Dress c/o Trollied Dolly | Boots c/o Long Tall Sally

If I can now draw your attention away from the hair, how gorgeous is this dress from Trollied Dolly? They are a brand I have long since admired for their fabulous retro styles but it was this 1970s inspired bohemian beauty that captured my heart, if it’s possible to fall in love with first sight at a dress then I definitely did with this one.

Trollied Dolly dresses are all lovingly made in small runs from hand designed fabrics and this dress is the most amazing quality. I went for the size small (UK 10) and it fits like a dream, just add a chunky cardigan for colder days and you have my ideal Autumn outfit. Equally it’ll be super easy to spin this in to evening attire with the addition of a pair of heels. I’d show you how I styled it for an evening but truth be told I don’t have a social life so you’re getting standard Laura “chuck on some trusty ankle boots and call it a good ‘un” instead.

Next on my Trollied Dolly wish list is this awesome playsuit which the lovely Char has styled to perfection on her blog- I think out of all of the bloggers I know Char has THE best collection of shoes and the wardrobe I’d most like to raid.

What would you pick from the Trollied Dolly website? And dare I ask what you all think of the new ‘do?


Jazzing things up with Pimps & Pinups

Up until now I’ve managed to resist the trend for adding pastel colours to my hair. I did have a brief foray in to ombre a few years ago but the ensuing damage of a DIY bleach job was enough to put me off attempting it again- that and not wanting to commit to anything permanent. All of the temporary fixes I had come across involved yet more peroxide and knowing I’m somewhat phobic of hairdressers (although I did brave a cut and colour last week, yay!) I decided it was in my best interest to just steer clear.

That was until I was introduced to Pimps & Pinups and their high voltage hair pop paint (available from their London salon and on ASOS).

*products c/o Pimps & Pinups*

These sprays have a unique wet to dry formula and come in seven intense shades (I managed to fail to picture the blue and green ones, oops!). You simply spray these on to your hair- either directly or in to the palm of your hand first and wait literally seconds for it to dry. These are non-permanent and take to any hair colour, from icy blondes to deepest auburns. They are also rain resistant and stain proof and simply shampoo out, damage free.

Now, I have experimented with coloured hair sprays in the past including ones which claim to take to any hair colour and have been less than impressed with the results. I was slightly dubious that these could live up to the hype but always willing to be proved wrong I used Panther Pink and Purr Pull to colour the ends of my hair.

As you might have gathered by now I am somewhat inept when it comes to my hair so the result isn’t the neatest it could be but as you can see the colours did indeed take and this was with just a small amount of product. Because it dries so quickly the colour could easily be intensified by adding another coat or two on darker tones.

The only issue I had with these paints was going it alone (also explains the dodgy selfie) as things did get a bit messy (although it must be noted that not a trace is left on our white bathroom suite). I think that with a helping hand, or even a steady hand some really spectacular effects could be produced. As promised the colours washed out really easily although it did take a couple of washes to get the last traces of purple out!

On the whole I think these are fantastic, and at £7.99 per colour aren’t going to break the bank either. I’m looking forward to using them again especially in the run up to the festive season where it’s always fun to experiment with bolder looks. They are also an excellent way to test out if a certain bold colour will suit you before taking the plunge with bleach and actual hair dye.

What’s the wildest colour you’ve ever dyed your hair?


My New Hair BFF

Confession: I hate washing my hair. I have a lot of very thick hair and it’s a major effort to wash, dry and style it so any product I can find that gives me an extra day’s reprieve is very much welcome. I’ve been an advocate of dry shampoo since it first arrived on the hair care scene so when Bristol based online beauty retailer Bath and Unwind got in touch offering the chance to try out a newly launched dry shampoo from Moroccanoil I was eager to give it a whirl.
I’ve tried many a brand over the years with varying degrees of success. A creature of habit I often end up returning to Batiste as I find it doesn’t usually leave the powdery grey roots that some brands have done. The Moroccanoil product comes in two tones- light and dark and semi-unsure which category mine fell in to I opted to go for the light tones.

The first thing I need to mention about this product is the scent, it’s AMAZING! I find some of the dry shampoos quite sickly smelling but this has a light, fresh fragrance. Perfect for covering up hair that could kind of do with a wash without being overbearing.

The spray itself is a lovely product to use and having tried it out several times now I have not once noticed a residue left behind. It makes my hair feel light and fresh without being weighed down and easily gave an extra day between washes- it could even be stretched to two at a push!

The Moroccanoil dry shampoo also provides UV protection and volumising properties so it’s a really good all round product for people like me! The light tone spray is designed to enhance blonde hair and reduce brassiness but I found it was the perfect match for my coppery hair as well.

This is 100% a product I’ll be re-purchasing when this can runs out. It might be pricier than my usual brand but it also offers a lot more and leaves me feeling confident that people aren’t going to notice how lazy I can be when it comes to washing my hair!


New Year Hair Army with #BootsBeautyBox*

I have mentioned many a time on the blog that I am more than a little bit clueless when it comes to styling my hair. The biggest decision I tend to make when it comes to style is whether to spend time trying to tame it with straighteners or let it dry naturally and embrace the madness. It’s not that I’m not bothered about how my hair looks, far from it in fact! I’ve just never found the right array of hair styling products that help me achieve a look that lasts more than five minutes. obviously knew of my troubles as before Christmas they sent over their #BootsBeautyBox which was packed full of their favourite styling products to help me look half decent over the festive period.

Inside the box of tricks included lots of new to me products such as the Bastiste Stylist Oompy My Locks XXL volume spray for creating and caring for a big “do”. There was also a bottle of L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil , TRESemme Make Waves Creation Hairspray, Umberto Giannini Curl Friends scrunching jelly, Toni and Guy Creative Style Spray Wax and finally (what a box eh?) L’Oreal Elnett Precious Oil Hairspray.

I did let Mum pick out and keep a couple of products from the box. She is a bit of a volume fiend and has been delighted with both the Batiste XXL volume spray and the Elnett Precious Oil Hairspray- a nourishing upgrade to her long time favourite.

With what was left I decided to create a quick and easy tousled look for Christmas Day. I used a good spritz of the creature style spray wax all over before using my straightener to create loose waves. I set the style with the Tresemme make waves spray and was pleased to see my style last through from present opening, a post dinner nap all the way through to eventually calling it a day.

Obviously this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these product’s potential so do let me know how you’d use each one and if you’ve given any of them a go before…I’ll post results of any further experimentation on here and my social media (assuming I have any degree of success that is.)