Crushin’ on Converse*

When it comes to casual shoes there is one brand that will always be my first port of call- Converse. I’ve held a soft spot for the brand for as long as I can remember and despite being a complete pain to break in [literally] the blisters are worth it. Over the last few years there has been an influx of bigger, brighter and all together jazzier designs become available and it’s a nightmare for my shoe addict self. Right now especially there are at least a dozen pairs I wish I could call my own, and suddenly my pale pink holographic pair seem somewhat inferior. Here is just a small selection of the pairs that have captured my attention in recent weeks.

[all available on the Converse website]

I’m known for being a bit of a magpie so it goes without saying that half of this wish list is taken up by shiny styles- the glitter hi-tops are probably the pair I’m coveting the most, although they are closely followed by the gold metallic all stars and the plain white with silver detailing.

On a slightly less in your face note the neon pink and polka dots are both very me- the neon pink perhaps the least versatile of the bunch as it’s a tough colour to match with a multitude of outfits, but the polka dots would work nicely with a lot of my wardrobe. And then there is the crochet hi-tops, probably the least practical of the bunch but I’m really taken with the feminine twist on such a casual shoe.

Anyone else crazy for Converse? Which pairs are topping your wish lists right now- and how many pairs do you own? I’ll admit that a large part of my current desire for blinged up sneakers is entirely the fault of Jo at Jo’s Clothes. Her sequin pair are pure joy in footwear form!


A Vintage Wish List with Rokit*

I always have, and always will have a special place in my heart for vintage fashion. It’s what got me interested in the industry in the first place and despite not owning very much vintage myself these days (although my collection is growing thanks to events like the Vintage Kilo Sale I went to last year) I have a list of websites I visit regularly to lust over their latest offerings and compile wish list after wish list.
One of those shops is Rokit who began life as a market stall in Camden in 1986. Since then they have opened four physical stores in London as well as having a virtual treasure trove of a website that features hand picked items of retro and vintage clothing.
The pieces for sale on the Rokit website include vintage classics, designer finds as well as re-worked pieces making it perfect for the style conscious, eco-friendly and lovers of the eccentric alike. I’ve picked out just a handful of pieces that have caught my eye- some on the eclectic side of things such as the Teddy Bear print vintage Moschino dress and others that fit perfectly in to current trends- these include the vintage 1960s Levis denim jacket as well as the gorgeous pink lace dress which would be just perfect for S/S17.

Price wise things are pretty on-par with other vintage retailers- I suppose even the second hand market needs to be competitive these days! Dresses start from around £20 which I don’t think is too bad, unfortunately for me the pink lace dress is £65 which means it must remain wish list only, but it really is a beautiful piece and you won’t find every girl and her dog wearing it on your local high street. There is also an impressive array of shoes and bags on the website which I didn’t dare allow myself to browse for too long…

Where do you head for vintage pieces? Tell me about your best ever find in the comments below.


The Prettiest Pastels from Coast*

The days are slowly but surely getting longer which means Spring is on it’s way. It also means that impatience to be back in short sleeves and sandals is peaking and my obsession with pastels is ramping up a notch.

Today I’m fuelling that obsession by bringing you a wish list of the prettiest pastel items from Coast whose website is home to some of the most gorgeous dresses and skirts that I have seen in a long while. Never mind the fact that I have no need for occasion pieces any time soon- now I’ve seen them I can’t help but want them, even if the closest I’m likely to get to a wedding this year is walking past the Bristol Register Office.

Fancy florals, cloud-like chiffon and the swishiest skirts I could find make up this wish list and should you have a wedding to attend, a prom to dance at or a super swanky garden party invite on your hands then Coast should definitely be one of the shops you head to on your mission for the perfect outfit. Alas for me these pieces shall firmly remain in my dreams, I don’t even think turning 30 in a couple of months gives me reason to splurge on any of these- not to mention the fact that my budget probably just about covers a packet of pastel mini eggs right now. Ah well, if I can’t wear the colours I’m craving at least I can snack on them…
Have any of these pieces captured your imagination? What’s on your wish list for Spring?


Compact System Camera Wish List (and advice wanted!)*

With a big birthday approaching I’ve been given the task of coming up with what I would like as my “big” gift. I suppose it’s more traditional to ask for a keepsake gift such as a piece of jewellery or designer accessory but I’m not in need of either of these things, nor is there anything realistic that I have my eye on. So I’ve gone down the practical route and I’m putting serious consideration in to asking for a Compact System Camera as an upgrade and accompaniment to my current Canon DSLR- and this, dear readers is where you come in. I don’t have a particularly extensive camera knowledge so I’ve drawn up a short list and I’m hoping that from this I can get some advice on which one to pick…

(all images from John Lewis)

I’ve done a bit of reading around but to some extent the information goes over my head. What I really need is to know what cameras you guys are loving! Based on a bit of blog and social media stalking I know that the Olympus PEN is popular (and it certainly looks the prettiest) but am I better off sticking to Canon which is a brand I know and get on with? Or branch out in to new territory completely and try a brand I’ve never had a camera from such as the Lumix DMC-GX80 Best Compact Camera Panasonic? I’ve also thrown models from Fujifilm and Sony in to the mix which are both brands I have little experience with…I’m not especially loyal to any one brand (unless Apple bought out compact system cameras in which case I might be) but price is a consideration although if one of the pricier models gets the best votes I would be more than happy to add some of my own savings towards it.

Essentially this post is a plea for help! You have until April to help me make up my mind- and I will of course report back on the end result!


A Casual Wish List*

Apparently this weekend is a wish list weekend in the land of Laura, goes like that sometimes doesn’t it? New season stock is starting to land in the shops and with slight hints that Spring might be on it’s way I’ve started to think about how I’d like my wardrobe to be looking in the coming months. I’ve never really put much thought in to a casual wardrobe before now, my attention tends to go on my smarter or “trendier” clothes and dress down days end up being jeans and whatever jumper is clean at the time, but I’ve found myself drawn to a more laid back look during my browsing recently and thought I’d pop some of my favourite finds down to both provide inspiration and hopefully find out where my readers head to shop for their relaxed weekend clothing and accessories.
As I mentioned in my post yesterday I’ve got a bit of a thing for backpacks at the moment and I think they are the ultimate accessory to complete a casual look. Much like yesterday I was once again drawn to the metallic offerings on the high street with this Mi-Pac pebbled silver one with the one that has made it to the top of my list.

Breaking away from my usual attraction to either black, camel or grey coats I think this orange number from Bonmarche would be perfect for Spring weekend wearings, especially when paired with mid-blue skinny jeans (pair featured also from Bonmarche)- perhaps it is the slightly brighter weather, or that I’m just generally happier and more in love with life at the minute but bright colours are definitely the way forwards.

My obsession with Monki is probably my worst kept secret right now and whilst I am seriously wanting to own pretty much everything from their latest collections it was this ringer tee caught my attention straight away. Again perfect teamed with skinny jeans and with it’s fun and positive slogan (and the fact it only costs £10) this is definitely going to feature in my next Monki shop visit. As this last week has proven to me I am actually incapable of leaving the shop without making a purchase. Two visits in to Cabot Circus in the last seven days saw me leave with a piece or two (or three) each time. I may as well just had them my bank details and tell them to empty my account!

After spending years avoiding them I’ve become a bit of a trainers junkie. My real weakness is Converse but these embroidered beauties from Ego have wormed their way in to my heart. They would be the perfect way to make a subtle nod to the embroidery trend and I think they’ll look perfect with jeans, denim skirts, denim dresses…just about everything denim in fact. A bargain at £29.99, I really can’t justify another pair of shoes right now BUT I am sorely tempted.

Where do you head for your casual wardrobe needs? I’m still fairly new to actively seeking out more laid back pieces so guidance would be welcome.