Daisy Chain Dreaming: High Summer from Brat & Suzie

Rumour has it that it’s summer out there, although looking out of the window the weather doesn’t seem to have twigged that it’s July not January. Still, these fabulous vests from blog favourite Brat & Suzie’s High Summer collection add a touch of sunshine and just beg to be teamed with leather sandals and faded denim cut-offs.

Priced at £30 each, the Toucan is my favourite, what about you?

Available now from BratandSuzie.com


13 comments for “Daisy Chain Dreaming: High Summer from Brat & Suzie

  1. The toucan top is lovely, as is the hare on a bike! If only I had the belly for tie tops!!x

  2. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
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    Where are you from?

  3. My favourite is definitely the Seahorse Tassel Top! I love the cap sleeves with the fringe, the print of the pair of Seahorses, the colour, the neckline, the fact that its a light cotton top which is comfortable for summer but dressy enough to wear into a classy restaurant or other establishment and still fun.

  4. I must have that first top! I am feeling the fringe.

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  5. Haha, the top with the parrot wearing jewellery is amazing! Love it! X


  6. I am loving that seahorse tee!

    Gems x

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  7. Law

    they are really cute, but £30 is a tad pricey. I do love the seahorse one. x

  8. so cute! Love that cycling bunny!

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  9. My favorite is definitely the first top.

  10. Hehe the rabbit on the bike is amazing… I prob wouldn’t pay £30 for it though

  11. Ah I love the vest with the little bunny on the bike, so cute 🙂 xx

  12. cat

    Bambi (obviously) but shame it is cropped… x