daisy chain dreaming: L.K Bennett

I think payday brings out my online browsing monster more than ever, and it was pretty rampant to start with. Give me an afternoon off work with no obligations and you’ll find me glued to my laptop catching up on blogs in one tab, tweeting on another and the third (and fourth, and fifth) will be various online retailers.
Today’s object of desire is pretty much ALL the shoes by L.K. Bennett. I can tell I’m growing up as previously I would have skipped over this brand completely but right now I’m loving what they’ve got and my favourites are as above.

1. Because it’s still winter, much to my disgust, I figured a pair of boots ought to feature. Ok so they might not be the most practical of boots but dammit they are sexy and I want them, BAD. It’s breaking my heart that they cost £325!

2. Second up are these fantastic suede and satin sandals, in the sale at £125 they are a little more reasonable and it is probably just as well my size has sold out because there is something about the chunky cut and bold black against pale pink couple with the almost lingerie type detailing that I’m swooning over.

3. HELLO brightness. I want to team these coral beauties with tapered black trousers or a modest little black dress and inject some colour in to the office. The website calls these berry but I think they lie, have you ever seen a berry that colour? Either way a name is but a name, the fact is these are amazing and when I next need some “grown up” classic shoes these might be it. £170 doesn’t seem tooooo bad for something well made and of lasting quality. I’m not sure who I’m trying to justify to here.

4. I think we’ve gathered by now that I can’t resist a pastel anything (Fruit Pastilles too come to think of it). These are my dream spring shoe to be worn with everything from floral dresses to laid back denim. I’d have to wear them with everything, including pyjamas to be able to allow myself to buy them, I could probably afford them but would be moaning my skint status all month…oh decisions decisions. I might let shopping karma decide and if they ever go in to the sale then they are mine.

5. Last but by no means least I introduce the sensible shoe. My foot is still quite sore and not up to full time heel wear. Flats can be pretty boring but these are far from it. I’m a sucker for leopard print, I have no idea why as I spent many a year loathing it. I can see these flats working well for a lot of occasions which is surprising given their print and more casual look. Bonus is that they are in the sale which makes it all the more tempting.

So pretty much I am oh so close to loading my virtual basket and clicking “confirm”. I really need to find better ways to spend my time, don’t I?


8 comments for “daisy chain dreaming: L.K Bennett

  1. Oooh, those nude ones are cute!

    The Style Rawr!

  2. Eek No2 are to die for! xx

  3. Louise W

    Wouldn’t worry too much, their court shoes are the same every year, they often have a mid season sale if that helps?

  4. The nude courts are beautiful! xx

  5. Oh I want that second pair so badly! So so badly…..

  6. I want the second pair please. Gimme!

    Corinne x

  7. The red ones are my fave!

  8. I love those boots!!!

    Janine xx
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