fragile; handle with care

I tend to let most designer collaborations pass me by, the more hysteria around them, the less interested I find myself..but when ASOS got in touch about their exclusive tees designed by David Shrigley I found myself sitting up and taking notice.
I was smitten with the clean lines and fun design…and even more smitten when I found out the price; Β£22 for a beautiful quality, unique t-shirt didn’t seem a bad deal to me, at all!

At that moment, the Fragile design really stood out to me, perhaps because I was feeling well, emotionally fragile to say the least! When ASOS let me pick a tee for myself, that was the design I chose and I don’t regret it for a second (although I may have to purchase the “I like the way you move” one too)
I teamed my tee with skinny jeans from Next, and my new and beloved Pink Dr Martens c/o Sarenza. Not my typical style at all, but I like it; and the pink shoes certainly brightened up my visit to see my Nan (who looked remarkably well, all things considered!)
Which tee is your favourite?

24 comments for “fragile; handle with care

  1. That’s really cute! And goes so well with your Docs. Definitely the best choice:)

  2. C’est un adorable tee-shirt… et au fond de nous ne sommes-nous pas toutes fragiles ?…
    Gros bisous et bonne fin de week-end.

  3. You look fab! I’d have picked that one too πŸ™‚ xx

  4. I think that I would have chosen the Fragilt tee too. Love this outfit, cute, sassy and casual x

  5. I would have chosen that one too. In fact, I WANT it now.

  6. Such cute tees and I love the way you have styled yours with your docs.

  7. Awesome colour match! This is such a cute t-shirt, and the DMs really suit you x

  8. LOVE those DM’s you look fab! xx

  9. Raz

    Looking brilliant with the Docs! I always like printed t-shirts when they’re a little bit different.

  10. I love the t-shirt and shoes combo, I would love to own a pair of DM’s.

    Glad your Nan was ok.


  11. That’s such an adorable t-shirt! What a great brand, rI eally love how you’ve combined it with your pink dms – a fragile tee with very unfragile shoes!

  12. OMG this is probably one of my fave looks of yours, so cool!

  13. Great choice πŸ™‚ I like the ‘I like the way you move’ tshirt and am considering getting it now. Very cute xx

  14. i love it laura, it’s really cute and you the docs actually look like a direct colour match! brilliant. i love the house of cards, design. i’ve a penchant for all things related to games/designs thanks to alice and wonderland and my board gamed theme birthday.

    hope you’re good, laura! xx

  15. I really like it, that one would have to be my favourite too πŸ™‚

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  16. i literally don’t know how you can pull off so many different styles but still look AMAZING?! i’m jel.

  17. Love the look Laura. The boots are amazing X

  18. I would have been picked the fragile tee too, love the pink DMs a hella lot. They suit you xxx

  19. So cute. I think I like the way you move one the best.

    X x

  20. J’adore that tee!

  21. In response to your comment, you should come to London! I could be your (limited) tour guide πŸ˜‰ xx

  22. those tops are so cute! x

  23. i love those shirts – especially the fragile one. i want one!

  24. The martens make your look both girlie and rock. I opted to wear the purple ones. Check out my outfit here:
    Purple happiness