Gimme Sugar

I’m quite amazed that I haven’t featured Sugarhill Boutique on the blog before. I’ve loved the brand for ages now and each season I find myself swooning over their gorgeous, whimsical designs. I’m also yet to own a piece by them, and I’m forever envious of the bloggers I see who look frankly stunning in their purchases. One day I’ll take the plunge…When I’m not on sick leave, when I’m not obsessively controlling over my finances (working on it!), when I feel I deserve it.

Anyway, I digress; Sugarhill’s latest drop of dresses just had to be featured. Every single one of the designs made me think “I want that” and “I can see me wearing that”. Without hesitation I’ll say my favourite piece is the Bike Stripe Smock Dress I’ve had a strange affection for bicycles since meeting my boyfriend, an avid cyclist and I hope to be back on my bike before too long- when I was younger I was barely off it!

I’m a sucker for animal prints and I think the duckies dress is adorable and the “picture perfect” camera print one will appeal to many a blogger. Guitars may not be the obvious choice for an item of clothing but I love this dress too and it is the second item on my longer than ever Sugarhill Boutique wishlist.

Folks who own some Sugarhill goodness, talk to me of fit and length. Which designs are your favourites?


5 comments for “Gimme Sugar

  1. I love sugarhill and I am obsessed with that bicycle dress. I only had my baby girl a week ago but once my bump has settled down and i know what size I’m going to be I think I’m going to order it. I’ve got three dresses and one top from there and they’ve all been pretty true to size and short but not too short at all but I’m only 5’4″ I did try to get one dress from them that was far too small even in 1 size up but the rest have been fine. X

  2. These are so cute! I love the animal ones xxx

  3. These are so sweet, I love the one with the bicycle print! Definitely adding them to my list of favourite shops now.

  4. I own one of their jumpers- the swan one. I got a size 8 and it fits perfectly! X

  5. Ah, these designs are too pretty for words! <3

    Absolutely crushing on the guitar dress.. such a versatile print and really wearable with a twist xo

    Sophie | soinspo