How to Survive the World Cup

After months of anticipation it’s finally here…the World Cup kicked off on Thursday and as of tonight I’m a football widow as Ben watches the first England match. I just can’t get excited about watching men chase round after a ball and I know that even when we get knocked out (oh me of so much faith!) there will be another team to follow and more matches where I’m left on my own pondering what to do.
I came across this rather genius idea for World Cup Bingo which I am so very tempted to join in with, I can see pretty much all of these scenarios happening to me and it well, a girl has to make the best of a bad situation!
Aside from having some fun with this handy bingo card I think the weeks of match after match action brings about the perfect chance to catch up with some girl friends where we can arrange our own fun- a trip to the cinema, drinks in the sunshine (Bristol is perfect for that with it’s lively harbour-side) and perhaps even an old school sleepover. The second I’ve finished writing this post I’m going to send out some e-mails and see who’s up for some girl only time…with no men to moan! I suppose we might let any non-football fan males in to the group, there is at least one I can think of! I just hope they don’t mind rose wine and a lot of giggling!
How do you plan to survive June and July? Will you be following England to a (doubtful) victory, or will you be joining me in a spot of Bingo and having some man free fun? I’m fairly certain I’ll get roped in to “watching” a game or two so I’ll be keeping the bingo card close and maybe we could report back with our results?
If all else fails I’ve compiled a handy list of ways to ruin the world cup for your partner– just as fun as any game of Bingo!


4 comments for “How to Survive the World Cup

  1. What a great way to look at it Laura, I like your style!
    I’m not a fan but it’s not the games I mind as much as the endless and pointless pre / post match coverage that just seems to go on forever…
    Now, pass the rosé

  2. Rose wine and football free time? I’m liking your attitude a hell of a lot Laura! 😉

    I really am so uninterested by all the football mania, I feel for us lesser interested individuals, all the hype and general mania is not very easy to avoid back in the UK! (More’s the absolute pity!)

    Once I’m back home I’ll definitely be all for World Cup Widows!! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. Louise w

    Sorry sweetie, I’m planning on watching the games that are early enough and James doesn’t want to play bingo with you… I may have fallen asleep last night though!

  4. I laughed so much at some of these!!! I don’t mind watching the odd Liverpool game (that’s who my boyfriend supports) because I’m used to it now, I know the players, I’ve been to the stadium and I’ve accepted my Liverpool supporting fate haha. But as patriotic as it may be, I just can’t watch World Cup football, it bores me! I don’t know who any of the players are, and all the rubbish commentary stuff they put on before and after the games is endless! I may partake in the watching of ONE England game haha, but that has to be my limit! I’m with you on the girly time though, definitely a time to call up some friends or catch up with some blogging! I didn’t realise when my boyfriend was so excited that he meant he was going to watch EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. haha how long does it go on for again?? 🙂 xxx