My Sarenza Sale Picks

The only thing that beats shopping for shoes on Sarenza for me is shopping for shoes when they have a sale on. The Summer sale has just launched and trust me, it’s one not to be missed! Some styles I’ve been coveting since they launched just a few months ago now have a hefty discount and I am on the verge of blocking my paypal account and hiding my wallet so I don’t spend what little money I have entirely on shoes (but one or two pairs surely won’t hurt?!).
Right now, at the top of my vast wish list are the four pairs above. I’ve decided I can treat myself to just one of these pairs and now I have the hard task of narrowing it down! First up is the Polenta Feast style by Clarks which I have seen many a blogger fall in love with. I’ve come to accept I’m no good in heels at work and these are a chic alternative to my usual boots or brogues. Sticking with last week’s slip-on trend love I’m also toying with the idea of the Gayla by Eden shoe, which ticks off two trends in one with their holographic finish. I can see me living in these outside of work so they would be worth their still on the high side price tag. Also by Eden (such an under-rated brand) are these sandals that are a milder take on the ugly/pretty shoes around right now (which I do sort of love). I’m no good in white, I just can’t be trusted, but the idea of white sandals is really appealing right now even if I have no tan to show off. Last but not least are these pretty pastel wedges by Refresh which would go so well with my midi skirts and several of my dresses. I used to leave in wedges and it’s a shame I got rid of most of mine when I broke my foot… I need to rectify this error in my judgement and replace them and these could be the way forward.
Which pair would you pick, and what are you after from the Sarenza sale?


4 comments for “My Sarenza Sale Picks

  1. I think I love the white Eden ones the most! There’s something about how chunky and white they are that just appeals to me! I’m going to have a nosy around Sarenza now, I’m looking for a pair of extra holiday shoes for September, so I’ve plenty of time to consider the options 🙂 xxx

  2. I’d go for the white sandals, although I’m the same – they’d be grubby in no time!


  3. The last ones the last ones. Gimme.

  4. Love those floral wedges x