Sarenza A-Z: P is for Pieces

After an absence last week, this week I am a day early with my A-Z of Sarenza, and the sharp witted among you may notice I’ve skipped over the letter “O” (it was impossible). Here I am a day early giving you my favourite picks from the brand Pieces; a rising Danish brand that is both on trend and affordable.

Shoe wise, Pieces don’t do an awful lot, but what they do create, they create well. With Summer supposedly looming I’m drawn to these staple black sandals; Sevilla (top) costs £50 and Sandra costs a very reasonable £40. I always think black sandals are worth investing a little in as they are a classic that goes with everything.

Another reason I love Sarenza so much is they stock a wide range of bags to compliment the shoes, and this is where Pieces really comes in to it’s own…full of sorbert shades and all styles for Summer I have my eye on (from top to bottom) Florine, £33.99; Noella Net, £22.90 and Narella leather clutch, £29.70. At those prices it’s tempting to get all three!

Have you heard of, or shopped Pieces yet? What do you think?


16 comments for “Sarenza A-Z: P is for Pieces

  1. i adore that double coloured clutch!
    it’s lovely.

  2. I love the top black sandles 🙂

  3. That tapestry/carpet bag is so gorgeous xxx

  4. I love the clog style sandals, they look chic yet comfortable – my feet suffer too much punishment, they need a little treat.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  5. I love the first bag! Definitely agree about getting some staple black sandals! xx

  6. Love the Bag, Sarenza does have some fab pieces xx

  7. love the bags xx

  8. I love that clutch!


  9. Love that second bag!

  10. Love that colour blocking bag – very pretty 🙂

  11. The carpet bag satchel is probably my fave

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  12. I love the colours in the zipped purse 🙂

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  13. Those wedges at the top are lovely! Desperately seeking black wedges, haven’t looked at Sarenza yet hmmm ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  14. Shopping is one of my hobby. Its such beautiful collection of bags and shoes. As well as available in affordable rates.