Sarenza Shoe of the Week

I call this “the sensible shoe” edit. I wasn’t even going to do a Sarenza shoe of the week this week, or any week until my foot has healed; even the thought of my beloved collection makes my toes scream…but these, any of these beauties I think I could soon cope with. I’m loving both of the pairs of brogues for the fact they will support my poor foot whilst it finishes it’s fixing, the sparkly ones are especially fab but the burgundy are perhaps more wearable for every day and will go with all manner of colours (making them worth the price tag).As an introduction back to heels I am coveting the star studded low shoes by KG, utterly beautiful and they must at some point be owned by me.
Should I ever make it out for an evening then these Sam Edelman flats would fit the bill.

It sounds stupid, but I am getting really down and out about not being able to wear what I want both on my feet, and as a consequence for my outfits. I never thought myself shallow but it’s recently become apparent just how much I rely on how I dress myself to get me through the down days.

What are your shoe solutions for me? Other than a massive Sarenza haul that is!


5 comments for “Sarenza Shoe of the Week

  1. Get the burgundy one. They are beautiful!

    Come and visit my blog 🙂
    Sunshine & Rain

  2. Oooh swoonworthy footwear! I love the burgundy ones and the star heeled KG ones-dreamy 🙂
    Rachelle x

  3. I love both of the brogues, I simply can’t choose between them!
    It’s not shallow to feel down about yourself. How we dress and present ourselves to the world has a huge impact on how we feel.
    If we don’t feel right in what we are wearing it can knock us off kilter and you’ve been dealing with this feeling day after day recently. Be kind to yourself, it will be netter soon and you’ll be back, rocking your amazing shoe collection with renewed enthusiasm!

  4. I love those steve madden ones. Who doesn’t need a sparkly oxford in their lives?