My usual Sunday assortment of happy things!


The third new pair of shoes! This time courtesy of Zalando, whom I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. These make me feel about five again, I love them! And Shelly’s might just be my new go-to brand for awesome, comfortable shoes!

Worn with


On Friday. Despite feeling shockingly unwell!

(not such a happy thing!) fingers crossed though, the new anti-biotics are kicking it in to touch and I don’t need to pay a visit to radiology tomorrow.


My Mum spoils me. I fell in love with *that* dress from Dorothy Perkins, and she surprised me by treating me to it. LOVE.

She is also responsible for the Little Miss Princess book below


The epic box of Austrian goodies was a wonderful suprise from Miss Fritha.
Cannot wait to get stuck in!
(The green and blacks was a present to myself. Because I’m worth it. Oui?)

Another happy thing?

Best.Friend. Passed her driving test. Watch out world. Trudi is mobile…and I’m going to be her trusty sidekick. I don’t think she realises it yet…but she is going to be my personal driver.

<3 well done Trudi! I also have Thursday off work this week, as my beautiful Becca has a Birthday! Woo, please keep fingers and toes crossed for gorgeous weather…we want a picnic! What’s making you smile this week? xxx

27 comments for “Sunday

  1. That Dorothy Perkins dress is perfect on you and my fingers and toes are crossed for good weather for you.

  2. I love your dress! Your mom was so sweet to surprise you with it:) Your Little Miss Princess treats just reminded me that Mr. Happy was in my dreams last night; I don’t remember the details, which is probably a good thing:) xx

  3. so many happy things in this post. watching the dog doze in the sun is making me smile.

  4. Cool things happening through blogging give me the smiles! Kindness that erases the one evil comment about ‘the issue”. (I have gained five kilos of glamour and still some folks keep putting me down.) But you gal, you rock and inspire. The fight is there even though we do not need to talk about it;) The are way more happier issues. And we are happy and winners, right!

  5. Your dress is gorgeous! I had a look around Dorothy Perkins earlier in the week and they actually have some really lovely things this summer! x

  6. :O Fritha’s parcel looks epic – love that girl! And also rather fond of any foreign foods – win 🙂

    The shoes are ‘mazin – remind me of those Clarks one’s you used to get with the secret doll in them…please say you remember them too?!


  7. Those shoes are adorable, and I love how you described them as making you feel like you’re five! 😀

  8. Those shoes are so cute, I actually love them! X

  9. I love the shoes! and you’ve styled them so well 😀

    Austrian goodies also look amazing!

  10. those shoes are just adorable! too cute for words – these are defo going on my wishlist


  11. Oh your mother is such a sweetheart!
    And I ♥ that dress on you 🙂

    Hopefully the weather is great and you can enjoy your picnic with the birthday girl!


  12. Your long black skirt makes you look so elegant – i love it!
    And everyone has to treat themselves once in a while, chocolate covered thorntons toffees are my go too when I feel like pampering my taste buds


  13. Oh I love those shoes! I’ve been thinking about getting some flat t-bars for a while now.
    Just a tip with the rum kokos, don’t eat them in large quantities on an empty stomach or you may find yourself getting a little tipsy! Or maybe that’s just me and my ridiculously low tolerance to alcohol! Let me know what you think of everything!

  14. Kat

    What gorgeous shoes and I love that dress! Hope you’re feeling better hun 🙂


  15. Wow, love your outfits, especially the first.

    Sadie xx

  16. Your black skirt looks great in your outfit pic!

  17. Hope you feel better real soon! I love the top outfit- the top looks super nice!


    i invite you to visit my blog if you like:

  19. I love your new shoes! So sweet! And you look great in both outfits.

  20. Trudi

    Am I going to have to buy a little chauffeur hat?
    I love the shoes! Will accept shoes instead of petrol money 😛
    Loves ya

  21. Those teal tights are lovely!

  22. You are lovely 🙂 I am loving these new shoes and looks!

  23. those are the perfect shoes. they really are Laura. x

  24. Lovely shoes. So cute.

    X x

  25. MJ

    Nice midi skirt!

  26. Those shoes are too cute! Love them.

  27. LOVE those shoes! & I adore the outfit that you wore them with.