this is the last post on my hair, promise.

I promise promise promise not to bore you with any more hair posts after this one! I wanted to share the photos that Emma (Aussie extraordinaire) took on the day.


gratuitous before shot.


this is Hayley, she is awesome.





(not pictured; the random old man telling me to smile)



I have much jealous for Hayley’s gorgeous blonde locks.


and finally, with Emma in the middle.


Flash now owns the lace front wigs. He rotates between wearing them and growling at them.

More on the events here…check out the other blogger’s transformations AND the gruelling bootcamp some braved!

36 comments for “this is the last post on my hair, promise.

  1. Ahh, have to say it again, your hair looks GORGEOUS, such a brave move, but SO definitely worth it. <3 xxx

    p.s. Flash looks great as a blonde.

  2. You look even more gorgeous with your new hair! i love it! 🙂 You pulled it off really well!

    stay gorgeous!

  3. Looking good! Your bravery paid off 🙂

  4. Wow, you were so brave with the colour Laura, it looks amazing 🙂

    Flash looks like he is loving being a blondey!

  5. I’m still in hair envy….! x

  6. You and Hayley both look gorgeous!
    The red really suits you!

  7. Oooh I love Hayley’s hair too – you are both so lucky!! Love how rich your colour is, hope you’re using colour protecting shampoo to keep it so bright lol.. 🙂 xx

  8. Looks lovely really suits you and Flash looks cute too.

    Somehow I think he looks better with his natural hair and does not need fakery…he is gorgeous x

  9. Angela

    Yep, your hair still looks amazing!! 🙂

  10. Your hair looks great! The layers at the back look nice & bouncy… you can see the reflection in the group pic.

  11. The colour looks great on you! Haha I can so imagine Flash growling at the wig.. btw Beauty Flash Balm is really good, especially if you get dry patches which I do sometimes.. and it just kind of smoothes over any imperfections. xx

  12. your new cut and colour is lovely, you look fab. Flash is so cute in his wig.

  13. Wow! Such a transformation! I love it 🙂

  14. Oh wow that colour is gorgeous on you, and the cut is awesome 😀

    Fiona x

  15. I absolutely love it, Laura! the colour, the cut, your beautiful smile.
    Hayley has got lovely blonde locks (Flash is obviously inspired by her). xxx

  16. I love these hair posts. The new style looks amazing on you! And the colour really suits you.

  17. The colour is just so amazing. Can’t tell you how much I love it. Bet you keep catching sight of yourself in the mirror and double taking at the redhead staring back at you.

  18. Wow, you look great! What a nice colour.

  19. ur hair is very georgeous, love it!

  20. Ahhhh Laura, how I love to see shots of you ‘out and about’! Your hair DEFINITELY suits you red and shoulder length! It makes you look like a REAL fashionista! x

  21. Wow you both look amazing, i’m very jealous. I also love your top/dress? x

  22. You and Hayley both look gorgeous, I really do have a gorgeous wife! <3

    Maria xxx

  23. you are SO beautiful!!
    i love LOVE the red! It brings out your eyes so much!!

  24. That colour is so fantastic on you, it is just beautiful.

    Flash could be twins with our Headley! (Bar the blonde locks of course)

  25. wow both of your hair looks awesome! aw Emma is such a cutie!

  26. Anonymous

    Aw, you’re so cute 🙂 you and your friend both look great!

  27. You both look amazing, I can’t get over how much it suits you red! x

  28. It looks amazing! Haha, Flash is so cute:)

  29. You both look absolutely stunning, but I’m afraid Flash wins the makeover of the year award!

  30. Your cat in the wig made me giggle.

    Too cute x

  31. BEAUTIFUL! Love the colour so much! And Flash is so gorgeous too! xxx

  32. I’ll say it again… I am so jealous of that amazing hair colour!! looks stunning on you, you are the kind of girl that makes me want to become a red-head xxx

  33. i love that color! It makes me smile!

  34. D.

    The color is stunning, you look great!

  35. L

    That’s a lovely colour on you 🙂
    L x