Valentines at Matalan

I know, I know it’s just another day (not to mention I am little miss ALWAYS single and have never had a Valentine) but when I saw these gorgeous goods from Matalan I could help but share…and who’s to say I can’t be my own Valentine?

Fancy showing your sexy side? I LOVE these, especially the polka dots!

For a more girlie vibe I’m lusting after

£12 for the two pieces of this set? I’m SOLD.

Flowers are Valentines related oui? It goes without saying that I love this Daisy dress

For more Valentines ideas click here or visit your local Matalan store

…now, where’s my Prince Charming to whisk me away?


42 comments for “Valentines at Matalan

  1. I’ve been lusting after that daisy dress since I saw their S/S collection a couple of weeks ago! I love it! xxx

  2. Love these pieces! The daisy dress is so cute.

  3. I love that pink bra and pants set its gorgeous I am going to have to get to Matalan asap xx

  4. The Daisy dress is perfect and very you. I love the red polka dots too xx

  5. I love the pink set, so pretty and a real steal! xx

  6. Valentine’s Day = TOTALLY overrrated. And that’s not just me being a bitter single girl, I genuinely do think it’s commercialised tat in the extreme. Why do you need one day a year to tell someone you love them?

    I’m entirely convinced of the good things about buying yourself nice presents though. So you should definitely treat yourself to something!

  7. Love that daisy dress, it’s so cute and so you <3

    I love all the Valentines stuff that’s around but it’s even better post-Valentines when it’s all on sale!

    I used to be bitter about Valentines mostly because yes I’m always single but I realised Valentines doesn’t have to be about loving another it can be about loving yourself so if I see a pair of undies that will make me feel sexy I get them and indulge myself a little because we all deserve that. xoxo

  8. That underwear is so sexy, polka dots are always beautiful!
    Cute daisy dress too! xx

  9. OMG I love that dusty pink set, so girly and cute.
    and that dress would look great on you!

    hope your well
    Cheri xox

  10. Laura u can be my Valentines babes.
    Love the polka dot set. so cute.


  11. I am in love with the first set!

  12. That dotty complete is cute, but listen, Daisy, I´m always single too and I haven´t got a boyfriend since kindergarten (Ok, I´m 15, but anyway…)I think you should be happy single and the right one will come. Once 😀
    xoxo from Hannie

  13. i saw that daisy dress the other day instore, but i wasn’t all that taken with the fact it#s a tshirt dress and i know they don’t suit me..

  14. I’m litle Miss ALWAYS single as well, hehe. I really love the Valentines collection at matalan. It’s so pretty.

  15. Oh I hate all the red and black lacy underwear that’s in the shops this time of year, I always cringe a bit when I see men buying some horror in scarlet lace. BUT those polka dots are a different creature altogether, I’d be delighted to receive those! Sadly will be buying em myself this year *sniff*

  16. Ive been after a crop bra like the pink set for aggges. Might “accidently” wander into Matalan before Uni tomorrow haha!
    That daisy dress looks like Topshop!

  17. the girl £12 set is being added to my basket – it’s so pretty!! x

  18. Wow these lingerie sets are GORGEOUS! I wish I had the body to pull these lovelies off. Sigh.

  19. oh, these are lovely! i always forget about matalan, but they really do some nice pieces occasionally

  20. Honey buns and I got engaged on Valentine’s in 2007 and married a year and some later. The day has a special meaning to me… I love wearing super sexy thingies for him. His face says it all. I’m getting more curves (back) and he is just loving every inch.

  21. i want their polka dot underwear so much 🙁

  22. OMG, the red satin and black lace lingerie with lace top stockings from Matalan (first photo) IS gorgeous! My would be valentine (first love from 40 years ago) hasn’t been speaking to me for over 6 months. When I read what you wrote: “…I am miss ALWAYS single and have never had a valentine…” I teared up a little but then thought: You are still so young and will make someone a wonderful valentine someday. Here’s hoping your heart is unbroken. You are so right to become your own valentine. You deserve that self love and that’s warming. I think I’ll try doing that myself.

  23. wow that set is so girly and gorgeous!
    and such a good price!
    Great VDAY finds 🙂

  24. I love the pink underwear and that dress is very you, I will be upset if you don’t end up owning it somehow 🙂
    Kandi x

  25. You find such cute things in Matalan! I swear I’ve never set foot in a store but this is tempting me.. 🙂 xx

  26. I definitely need to do some shopping

  27. If you like that underwear you should see the val day stuff on la senza. I saw a couple of bits in a magazine and spent £60 on the site last night. It was WAY too pretty to resist!!

  28. CCH

    love your blog girly!!

  29. dan

    Love the 3rd set, unfortunately most underwear in hightstreet shops doesnt go up to my size! xx

  30. Mia

    Have always loved me some sexy mama lingerie, puts me in a good mood buying it and wearing it. It’s a must to treat yourself to some regardless of if you’re a single lady or not. Daisy dress is lovely too! x

  31. Obviously you must buy the daisy dress, right?? x

  32. haha i’ sooo not into sexy underwear. Poor Mr D x

  33. the first underwear set is so hot and the last one is adorable! i’ll definitely be hunting out the daisy dress too 🙂 x

  34. Vee

    that dress is so gorgeous!!! i love it!
    especially because of the contrast between blue and yellow

  35. if you dont already read her blog you should, shes got a great post about being alone on valentines day. I love love love that last bra, its SO cute. Lovely dress too 🙂

  36. it’s ok of being single still have valentine astmosphere with lovely people..

    those stuf is so cute and beautiful..


  37. I LOVE those undies! If only they did a wider range of sizes…or maybe it’s just as well as I’m still feeling penniless!! x

  38. the red underwear is so pretty and I love that dress, gorgeous print

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  39. Aww the daisy dress just has to be yours. You’ll look so pretty in it.

    I don’t expect or want anything for valentines day as I really can’t stand it.


  40. Anonymous

    Oooh! The pink set!
    Nothing wrong with being Miss Always Single. ^^