Converse- the history behind the shoe

I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t heard of Converse, I bet most people own a pair or have owned a pair in the past. They are the type of shoe that carries memories, worn on adventures and improving with age. I have quite the attatchment to my pair to the point that even though they really have seen better days I can’t bring myself to part with them or replace them with a newer pair. 
The brand has history, Converse was born in 1908 from the brain of a man called Marquis Mills Converse. He vowed it would be a company that would be independent enough not to follow every other company out there in what they did. It worked. Over 100 years on and Converse have survived where other brands have failed.
Over the years that followed Converse took on many different forms and purposes. From the arrival of Chuck Taylor on the scene to designing apparel for service men during World War II. 
During the era of Rock n Roll the hi-top shoe that we wear and love today really took off, teamed with blue jeans and leather you can see some trends don’t fade with time.
In the years following this Converse took on many different forms. Colour was introduced- we can now own the shoe in any colour and any pattern the heart desires (I myself covet a glittery pair).
This is a story that has no ending. The brand continues to grow and I can’t even beging to imagine what the next century will bring. I’ll leave you with this video as an ending to my ramblings. I hope you enjoyed this post though, it was good to write something a little bit different.
 What’s your Converse story? I’d love to hear all about them. 
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sarenza shoe of the week: pearly queen

I first saw these Kat Maconie shoes on Sarenza’s pintrest page in the week and I quite literally fell head over heels in love with them. At £230 it does seem like my taste has become somewhat extravagent over the last few weeks (last week’s hi-top love for example) but how can you not adore these shoes?
They come in both grey leather and nude leather and I love that the neutral shades make these a really versatile shoe and therefore goes someway to justify a cheeky purchase (in my dreams, if I had the money I would though!)
Happy Easter folks,
I hope it’s a wonderfully chocolate filled day for all

Yull blogger competition

Calling all bloggers! We would like you to write a ‘How To Style’ blog post on our Chartwell shoes, the best post wins a pair of the Chartwell shoes in your chosen colour and size!

You can write this post however you’d like, so in the style that best suits your blog. If you’re stuck on this, there are already ‘How To Style’ blog posts on our blog, for example, ‘How To Style The Cambridge Flats’.
We would love if you would enter as we would love to give away a pair of these beautiful shoes as they’re selling out fast! All you need to do is write the post and email the link to [email protected], the competition is open a week from today and the winner will be announced on the 4th of April.
We can’t wait to read your blog posts, good luck!

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Good luck folks, I’m trying to think up my entry right now!




Penguin hat at the end of March? I can live with that

Little bit of “granny chic”

Cherry coke zero is my new addiction

Still loving these specs

Cat lady obsession fed- both from Jewellery by Jaymie

Chilling in Starbucks

Hat love

I love sweets that pay me compliments as I tuck in

These, however are too cute to eat

Neon skater skirt- total impulse buy and total love

My little Mae cat, we’ve had her a year nearly…time flies!


Amazing gifts from Ellie’s trip to Paris. She knows me far too well
And that’s that.
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wrapped up in tartan

Primark Jumper
Vintage kilt via ebay
Bertie shoes c/o Sarenza
This week became a real battle of warmth versus style. Instinct says wear floral dresses, pastels and all things Spring,
common sense says find your warmest clothes and damn what they look like. This kilt is the perfect compromise, the heavy wool fabric provides warmth whilst still making a bit of a statement. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it wasn’t a lot. The same goes for this jumper, I bought a few of them for about a fiver in Primark last year and they’ve worn and washed so well and become a bit of a staple.
We’re finally at that long weekend, hurrah! Yesterday was so, so busy but it was nice to down tools and leave for home knowing I’d made a difference AND earnt a break. This morning is going to involve nothing more taxing than dying my hair- it hasn’t been done since before Christmas, oops! 
What are you up to today? And what are your cold weather beating staples?

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