Friday Friday Friday

Double joy for it being the end of another working week for me. Four and a half hour shift this morning then I am officially on holiday for a week! I’ve decided against making plans, what I am really craving is some peace, quiet and relaxation. I have grand plans of experimenting with some baking, and playing with my new Slow Cooker (yeah, that’s how exciting my life is)…and of course, there will be the obligatory shopping trip in Bath to round off the week nicely.

As you can see, I still don’t have the hang of my camera settings, but this is what I wore for work yesterday. It was the most beautiful day so loose and cool was on the agenda. These trousers have become a staple of mine and the top is another of those hidden gems that I found lurking away.

Made the most of the weather by having a Birthday picnic tea in the park, as my Trudi turned 24. We’ve been on about a picnic for ages, so abandoned plans of cooking dinner together for lazing in the sunshine and setting the world to rights.
We could have done without the drama of a car being on fire at the top of my road as we made a move home…it was actually really scary. I am terrified of fire! Thankfully the passengers got out safely!

Just a couple of silly pictures to round off with. I am so in love with my vibrant hair colour at the moment; although my white pillow cases beg to differ! I hope the weather holds till later as I have plans with the gorgeous Becca. My two best friends in quick succession? I love life.

Happy Friday all

26 comments for “Friday Friday Friday

  1. The new hair colour is gorgeous !

    Your week off sounds just perfect to me :0)

    Have a wonderful day with your friend xxxx

  2. your hair is lovely. I have been wanting a picnic for ages!

  3. Cool and stylish outfit. Looks great!

    The red of your hair is stunning too.

    X x

  4. adore your hair !!!!

  5. love the outfit!

    And a tip to minimise colour fading and going on your pillowsheets is to put an OLD towel over them (I can’t stress that word, it’s essential that it’s old!! or just get a cheapie one from Primardi), that’s what my hairdresser tells me to do and it works a treat! 🙂

    Julia @ Retro Jules

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  7. your hair is looking at a healthy shade! much confident looking! of course its red! i love that photo with the dream! i remembered u took one before last time! 🙂

  8. Awww “I love life” – fabulous!

    I love these trousers on you. I’m wanting a pair in a colour similar to this after realising how much I like my floral ones.

  9. Anonymous

    Haha, I love your hair too!! Apparently washing with cool water (brr) locks in the color more, keeps it from bleeding on pillows and such. take it from a fellow red head. .^.^.

  10. Omg, I want a Slow Cooker! That is exciting. x

  11. So adorable! My pillow cases aren’t too impressed either, i’m newly pink and so are they. x hivenn

  12. Your outfit is pretty though you still look painfully thin to me. Love the hair and the blouse. I’m glad evryone got out okay in that car fire – that is scary. I just saw some photos of daisies in the field posted by Camilla F. – I think you’d like it. I hope your shopping in Bath goes well, that you have a great weekend and a fun time with Becca.

  13. Vix

    I love that vibrant red hair of yours even if the pillow cases don’t! x

  14. D.

    Have a great holiday! I’m enjoying mine as we speak!

  15. Happy weekend!
    I love your dream thing-y laura.

  16. I really do love this hair colour on you it is so edgy and suits you perfectly. Love your outfit enjoy your week off xoxo

  17. You look beautiful, and your hair is lovely that vibrant colour, it suits your complexion perfectly xxx

  18. I love your new do, such a gorgeous colour! Sounds like a bit of r&r is just what you need 🙂

    Maria xxx

  19. Your hair is amazing! Totally love that colour on you. You have made me want to go shoppingggggg now! 😛

  20. lovely trousers. I haven’t had a proper picnic in years. How I love sitting out in the sunshine! Due to rain all weekend here though 🙁

  21. Your hair is beyond amazing. Beautiful! <3 Have a lovely weekend xxx

  22. The hair is looking fabulous and I love the new ‘dream’ photos 🙂

  23. your hair colour is gorgeous. Suits you.


  24. LOve your pretty top x

  25. Happy Holiday to you! Alas I am just coming to the end of a week’s holiday (boo hoo!) but I hope yours is as good as mine has just been!

  26. laura, your hair is amazing. absolutely love the colour and cut. ive always wanted a style like this! xx