What Phase Eight did next…Blenheim

I’ve gone from barely acknowledging Phase Eight to being on constant alert for their latest e-mails arriving in my inbox.
The latest transitional collection has well and truly captivated me…
(that along with their Christmas collection and some truly special shoes)
Blenheim, a transitional story which draws upon the casual aesthetic of the heritage trend.  The collection works just as well for lazy weekends in the countryside,
as it does for the office, fusing desk-to-dinner dressing with smart daywear pieces.  Intarsia knits and draped jersey dresses in a palette of soft grey, cornflower blue
and taupe sit against digital floral prints in crushed raspberry and basic black.

Every piece in the collection is stunning but these three dresses I’ve shown above are truly special. The top dress is called “Belle” and costs £99. In the middle we have my absolute favourite, “Heart Prints Dress” costing £79 and last but not least the “Harlequin” at a middling price of £85.

Well, that’s my little mid-week love post complete. Which of these dresses is your favourite? Which brands have you rediscovered lately?


Sixties Chic

Matalan dress (last year), C&A top, Yull Chelsea boots.

I haven’t worn this dress in ages as up until now it hung off of me in a shapeless sack like fashion and I had forgotten just how much I loved it! This is the first outfit I have worn in a while that I’ve felt ok in, I hate this transitional stage but it is only temporary and everything else going on in my life right now is making it worthwhile (foot injury aside!)
Again I have ditched the crutches for these photos, I have some impressive bruising to my arms and I’m counting down the days until I can get rid of them!

Happy Halloween folks; who has spooky plans? It’s all quiet here, I’ve never really done much for the day apart from a party once upon a time. I’m at work this morning, on the early start no less. I’m doing a phlebotomy clinic and am taking in some monster chocolates to make it more fun for my patients and this afternoon I am going to my friend Ellie’s to carve pumpkins, but that’s as far as it goes.

How sweet does Mae look in this photo? Looks are properly deceiving as she is being a little monster lately but with a face like that all is forgiven.


Blue (Inc)

Cat: truly one of a kind, Jumper c/o Blue Inc, Jeans; Oasis, Shoes; TOMS

I’m so in love with this new jumper kindly sent to me by Blue Inc. I’d never shopped with them before but had browsed the website which sells everything from men’s chinos to women’s t-shirts. At the moment they have some truly covetable knits and wonderfully low prices so come payday I think my visits to the site will become even more frequent.

I wore this outfit on Saturday for a lazy day. There was minor trauma when I put these jeans on and realised how much more snug they are these days, but that’s the aim of the game right now and I need to get my head around it and get used to it. I’m just under half way on the weight gain front and can’t afford to replace my entire wardrobe just yet..I do intend to do some serious shopping once I’m there though!

((Sorry to bang on, I’m trying to rationalise and come to terms with things))

You might have noticed the lack of crutches in these photos…I’m sick of the bloody things so decided to do some one legged posing instead, haa. I seriously cannot believe I ever thought those things could be fun!

back to the subject in hand…you’d do well to check out Blue Inc’s footwear too…I’ve spied some amazing ankle boots at a price too good to pass up!
Have you shopped there before? What’s made it on to your wish list?

Don’t forget there’s only a day left to enter the giveaway


P.S. is my blog layout looking off to anyone else? I’m not sure what’s going on!

…and relax

Life has been more than a little chaotic lately, probably more so than it has ever been. I’m relishing this of course as it’s the ultimate testament to how far I have come in the last six months but it has left me exhausted and in need of some serious pampering. The idea of a day of pampering and relaxation is more than a tad bit appealing and I’m putting serious consideration in to putting in a request for Spa hotel vouchers from Santa! I actually live not very far from some wonderful Spas, including the very well known one at Bath but before now the idea hasn’t really appealed, or rather not seemed relevant to me, I’ve never craved total relaxation before and never felt like having some in my personal space providing a massage or facial but right now it’s all I can think about and it seems like a fitting reward for my hard work in changing my body for the better (it may help me come to terms with it more, too)
With my Mum’s 50th Birthday looming I’m loving the idea of a Mother/Daughter packaging…you can’t beat a gift with benefits!

Have you ever had a Spa day before? Where have you gone and how did you find it? What do you do when you are in need of some rest and relaxation and have you ever made any treatments at home?

TEACH ME HOW TO RELAX dammit, I am pretty hopeless!


Sarenza Shoe of the Week

I call this “the sensible shoe” edit. I wasn’t even going to do a Sarenza shoe of the week this week, or any week until my foot has healed; even the thought of my beloved collection makes my toes scream…but these, any of these beauties I think I could soon cope with. I’m loving both of the pairs of brogues for the fact they will support my poor foot whilst it finishes it’s fixing, the sparkly ones are especially fab but the burgundy are perhaps more wearable for every day and will go with all manner of colours (making them worth the price tag).As an introduction back to heels I am coveting the star studded low shoes by KG, utterly beautiful and they must at some point be owned by me.
Should I ever make it out for an evening then these Sam Edelman flats would fit the bill.

It sounds stupid, but I am getting really down and out about not being able to wear what I want both on my feet, and as a consequence for my outfits. I never thought myself shallow but it’s recently become apparent just how much I rely on how I dress myself to get me through the down days.

What are your shoe solutions for me? Other than a massive Sarenza haul that is!