September Survival Wishlist

With the arrival of September comes a craving for rich berry colours, mixed with deep greens and muddy browns. We may yet get a burst of Summer but I’m not holding out hope and today I have conjured up a wishlist of what I would love to help me survive September!

1. Dark Green skinny jeans, £16.99 from New Look. I’m really starting to embrace jeans and trousers more and these are the perfect Autumn colour (I think)

2. Bunny Print sweater top £12 from George at Asda. I already own the jersey owl jumper and this is next on my list. I love the quirky print, relaxed fit and supersoft material (lovingly stroked in store yesterday). These jumpers are such bargains.

3. Barbour from ASOS. LOVE the Liberty lining in this, do not love the price tag of over £200! I am trying hard to save up for a Barbour though. I love them and know that once afforded, it will be a sound investment. I shall probably hit up the outlet at Clark’s village for mine though, they have some relative bargains there.

4. Velvet Chelsea Boots from Matalan, currently only £10 online! I’m on a shoe ban, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want these! I was caught stroking them in store yesterday. Oh so soft and I LOVE the colour.

What’s on your September wishlist? Still holding out for Summer?


32 comments for “September Survival Wishlist

  1. Those boots are really pretty!

  2. NEED those boots in my life! x

  3. Shoe ban? What is this nonsense you speak of! :p

    The bunny sweater and owl one you mentioned are too in my wish list! 🙂 xx

  4. Love the jeans and the bunny sweater.


  5. I love those velvet boots, what a pretty colour! xx

  6. Great pics! I’ve already got a few things for September, leggings and oversized jumpers are going to be my fave 🙂

  7. The second I saw this post I had to go on the asda website and buy that jumper! It’s so cute!!

  8. Completely in love with this jumper, its adorable! x

  9. Oh man I was scrolling down through the pictures and was like…yeah those jeans are awesome. That sweater (jumper?) rocks. Love that hat. THOSE BOOOOOOOOOTS!!!!!!!!

    And I freaked out a little. They’re perfect. Maybe I need to do a September survival post..? I’m not only on a shoe ban but a clothes band too! Trying to force myself to be happy and creative with my wardrobe! Maybe I’ll buy myself something fancy in a couple of months?? : )

    xo, My Billie

  10. I love the bunny print sweater. You can never get too much of cute animals on clothing. Also, I saw your new hair style and it looks amazing. I remember when you were asking for suggestions about your hair awhile back and that’s the sort of style I thought you should go for. It really suit you.

  11. Bunny print sweater! xxx

  12. I do need a new pair of shoes… Love the colour of them!

  13. I can’t believe those boots are £10!? They’re gorgeous. I’d probably ruin the velvet though.


  14. Ahh don’t be on a shoe ban! You NEED those Chelsea boots in your life for that price. Such a delicious colour and I can’t believe thy are only from Matalan!

    Gemma x

  15. But you can never have too many shoes! Those booties are so cute xxx

  16. Kim

    Aww the bunny jumper is so cute! xx

  17. You are such a temptress! PLEASE will you stop posting cute items that tempt me to give in and buy more things! Honestly, so inconsiderate! 😉

  18. Can’t believe what an absolute bargain those boots are. The color is so delicious!!

    Ava Tallulah

  19. those boots are being brought right now! haha x

  20. those boots are being brought right now! haha x

  21. Those velvet chelsea boots are amazing! Such a lovely colour.

  22. Fab wishlist hunnie, love the bunnie sweater :).

    Sadie x

  23. I love that jumper! .. .. .. AND I CAN AFFORD IT!


  24. Yeah I BADLY want the boots from Matalan I swear their a/w stuff is going to leave me broke right up till Crimbo!!!!

  25. i am really digging those velvet booties. would love to have those for fall as well! xx sylvie

  26. Those boots are fab! Dam these shoe bans!

    X x

  27. the bunny sweater is gorgeous!! XX ive followed your blog. take a look at mine 🙂 xxx

  28. Great selection of stuff. Especially love the bunny jumper!

  29. I think I need that jumper… and I don’t even like Rabbits that much…