shelikes to be casual

Cardigan c/o shelikes
Tee: Peacocks
Jeans: Next
Boots: Dockers @ Sarenza
I’ve collaborated with shelikes in the past and was delighted when they got in touch again last week asking if I’d like to team up again.
Considering how much I’ve loved every item I’ve owned from the website I didn’t really have to think that much before bashing out a reply.
I picked this fantastic charcoal cardigan with studded pockets (which I typically failed to capture properly) as it fits in perfectly with my desired AW style and well, I am instantly drawn to anything with studs on anyway!
This is one of the snuggliest cardigans I own and I can tell you now I’ll be living in it for the next few months. At £32 it’s affordable too and I am mighty tempted by the black version- though as Mum has her eye on this one I might suggest she makes the purchase!
I’ll be browsing shelikes regularly as they have masses of new arrivals arriving at a rapid pace- everything is on trend AND on budget…a daisychain approved shop for sure!
I wore this outfit for a very casual Thursday afternoon. Although I work half days for three out of five working daysThursday appears to be my free afternoon and the one where I stick on something perfect for lounging.
The jeans are shared between Mum and I, the tee and old staple and the boots my latest treat from Sarenza’s ambassador programme. I call them my super sensible boots as they are comfortable and practical for days when my foot is bad.
off to get ready for work I jolly well go, 
it’s one of my full on days today and I’m exhausted before I start. Best stick the kettle on…
(at least it’s payday!)
Have a good week

Sarenza Sunday- the bag edition.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love shoes, it’s just that right now Sarenza just have too many gorgeous pairs to choose from and trying to pick something for this week’s post was making my head hurt! For that reason I’m taking a little shoe break and showing off something else that Sarenza carries that makes me want to bankrupt myself…
And more specifically I am head over heels with THIS bag.

This little gem by Love Moschino is aptly named “charming” and costs £124.
See what I mean about Sarenza trying to bankrupt me?
if you had to choose ladies…
I think you know my answer

Register with UK Models to become a model

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Our services are incredibly easy to access and something we encourage you to do if you’ve found yourself at a dead end in your career path. Log onto the UK Models website and fill in a quick and free application form to express your interest, and, if a member of our New Faces team receives it and sees potential in you, that’s when the fun will begin!
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If this sounds like something you’re after, great! You can get started straight away by popping onto our website and filling out the form.

Cutting Edge

Top: C&A
Dress: Primark at ASOS
Boots: New Look (Similar Here)
I bought this dress way back in June when the weather was finally starting to show signs of being decent. When it arrived I fell in love with the pattern and so, in typical Laura fashion I refused to send it back despite it being too big and the cut-outs gaping.
Finally, three months later and I’m wearing it. A combination of weight gain and layering has actually turned a Summer dress in to something quite trans-seasonal. Time to get my moneys worth at last!
I’ve pretty much lived in my New Look cut out boots this month. They don’t seem to have the same ones online any more but there are so many other gorgeous pairs I’m sure you’ll be tempted to have a look anyway! When it comes to Boots this season New Look pretty much have the best selection I’ve seen for those of us shopping on a budget. Oh New Look how I love thee!
Well, weekend time eh? Anyone got exciting plans? I’m working a flu clinic this morning- hundreds of folk lining up to be jabbed, it’s going to be carnage!
Still, I can relax after and I have the Boy coming over to chill out with me. A low-key weekend is exactly what I need after a manic week,
there’s plenty more weekends for adventures!

The Luxe List- The Watch Gallery

Hurrah! It’s Friday and what better way to celebrate than with a “totally out of my budget but I want it anyway” kind of wish list?
I’m forever craving items I can never afford and one of the items I always navigate towards (as I’ve mentioned before) is watches. This wish list comes courtesy of The Watch Gallery and you can blame me later if I’ve left you with serious cravings!
This Frederique Constance watch is classy and elegant- everything I look for in my dream watch. However with a price tag of £1.600 it will have to remain a dream!

This Gucci watch seems a bargain compared to the above price tag, coming in at £665. I love how edgy yet classical this is, it fits perfectly with my A/W style and I can’t see it ever dating. Doesn’t mean I can buy it though, dammit.

Another “will never date” classic is this beauty from the legendary Tag Heuer watches. It’s probably best not to mention the price but should I ever come in to millions this would be one of the first accessories I buy.

Last but not least is another Gucci beauty. Another relative bargain at £560 I just love this and don’t really see a need to explain why- the proof is in the picture!

Are you as much of a luxury watch fiend as I am? What would be your dream dial?