Crazy cat lady- the home edit.

With a move to a place of my own on the horizon I’ve been browsing the internet like a woman possessed for some little bits and pieces suitable for jazzing up a rented flat. Of course I soon got distracted from my search for basic bargains, affordable things that I will be using on a daily basis…the second I clapped eyes on one cat related item I carried on with the feline theme.
1. Felix Cushion, £8.99 from Dunelm. This is one thing I probably could justify as cushions are essential for a cosy home and this one is both super pretty and affordable. Safely bookmarked for the second I put down my deposit!
2. Lara Alley Cat Plate, £19.95 from Liberty. Plates are something that everybody needs in their life, but I really don’t think I can justify almost twenty quid on one no matter how awesome it may be. Hopefully I’ll find a cheaper alternative somewhere, or these will get reduced in a sale at some point as suddenly no other plate will do.
3. Siamese Cat Salt and Pepper Set, £12 from Lisa Angel. I don’t care if the 99p shop sells perfectly adequate salt and pepper sets, these adorable pair belong in my cupboard. One for the Christmas list!
4. Cat Lamp, £79 from Maiden. Pricey yes…but living alone for the first time in my life means I might suddenly develop a fear of the dark, right? Grasping at straws to justify this one!
5. Pewter Cat Sugar Spoon, £19.50 from Not On The Highstreet. An item that I have absolutely no need for in my life as I don’t take sugar in my drinks and it’s a huge extravagance, but I have a thing for pretty spoons and this would be a super pretty decorative item…if any one sees a cheaper alternative, let me know!
What essentials do I actually NEED when I move out? Leave a comment or links below if you see any more cat themed home-wares that I can pop on my wish list.


Meow or Never

Another day and yet another piece of cat related clothing, I just can’t help myself! River Island only served to encourage me the other week too, when they had a free delivery code for a day and I happened to have a little bit of cash in my paypal account burning a hole in my virtual pocket.

Tee: River Island | Jeans: New Look | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

This tee is basically my dream fit. Baggy without being shapeless, a not in your face colour that isn’t black or white and a cat related slogan. At £16 it’s actually more than I would usually pay for a top (because I’m cheap) but in the land of the high-street I think it’s pretty good value and is of excellent quality.

This is quite typical of what I wear on a work from home afternoon when I have no plans on leaving the house. As much as I love the colour of these jeans I’m not sure where I stand on how I look in them. Recovery is a tough nut to crack and although I’m physically healthy and have been at a healthy weight for three, almost four months now (which is the longest I ever have in my adult life) I’m struggling mentally with body image. As much as I know that to anyone else I look fine, I still can’t accept my reflection in the mirror with anything but a sinking heart and it’s taking all of my strength not to give in. It’ll be much better when my back starts behaving again and I can get out and exercise and tone up, I think once that starts to happen things will become easier. In the mean time I’m just reminding myself of how much more I can do these days and how many goals and ambitions I have for the coming months.

Sorry for that little tangent, my fingers just started writing. Lets focus on something happier, like these boots. I resent needing to wear them in August but they are pretty damn awesome. I love the colour and they are surprisingly versatile to pair with things. The height is also perfect for every day wearing and I can walk for miles in them comfortably. I am going on a shoe ban for the next few months, I have more pairs than I can possibly store, especially once I move so I’m going to have a good sort out and sell some on ebay/depop and those that I keep I’ll be wearing to death. Size 7 folks keep your eyes peeled!

Seen any more feline themed clothing out there? Link me up below!


Hey, Hema!

I love it when I brand I’ve previously only been able to access overseas hits British shore so when I had an e-mail about the opening of some Hema stores in the UK I pretty much did a little dance in my seat.

Hema is a brand I know through having Dutch relatives. When I went over to Holland about two years ago I spent ages browsing through the shelves of awesome bits and pieces and I’m pretty sure I grew up eating chocolate letters from there, sent over as a St Nicholas gift every year by my Auntie.

As well as announcing their arrival via e-mail Hema also very kindly sent some sunglasses my way. Typically by the time I got around to photographing them the best of this month’s weather had passed, but I’m one of those people who will wear shades whenever the mood takes me.

Cropped Tee: H&M | Skirt: Zara (ancient) | Aviators c/o Hema

These aviators retail for a mere £5 at Hema and are a welcome addition to my sunglasses wardrobe. I couldn’t resist popping them on our stone Buddha for a more up close shot (nobody needs a close up of my mug) so you can see how sleek and simple these are. Perfect for a laid back and minimal weekend look, which is exactly when I wore them- to town for a cinema date with Ben.

I can’t leave this post without mentioning this amazingly cute cat cropped tee from H&M. A very recent purchase at £5.99, they did a whole host of brilliant designs but I just had to have this in my life, determined to wear it even though it’s cropped and I’m feeling not so great about myself. It reminds me of tees I used to beg Mum for in Tammy Girl, back when I was a pre-teenager…sometimes I wish I had kept hold of some of them!

Back to the topic of Hema though, there are currently three stores in the UK and if you happen to be near one of them then they are well worth checking out, selling all kinds of things from makeup to food, from stationary to home wares and all at insanely excellent prices. Have you discovered the joy yet? For those of us who sadly don’t live near one of the stores, the online shop is due to go live mid-September so watch this space…


How sleep impacts your mood

We all need sleep and if you’ve not been getting enough shuteye, you might be feeling the ill-effects. As well as making you tired, a lack of slumber can impact on your mood.
How much sleep do you need?

There’s no set amount of sleep that all adults need. After all, every individual is different. Factors such as lifestyle, age, diet and environment affect how much rest people require. However, as a general rule, most healthy adults need around seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

As people age though, it can become harder to maintain this level of sleep.

Feeling irritable and hostile

It is known that when individuals are sleep deprived, they are more likely to feel irritable, hostile and angry. They are also more prone to reacting negatively when something doesn’t go well for them and they may even be more likely to feel depressed.

This can cause a range of problems. For example, it can put additional pressure on relationships and cause tensions within families. It can create issues at work too.

Research also suggests that people who fail to get enough sleep report feeling less friendly and less able to enjoy positive experiences.

What to do

It’s one thing knowing that your mood is suffering because of a lack of shuteye and another thing actually addressing this problem. If you think a shortage of sleep is affecting your daily life, it may be worth booking an appointment with your doctor.

However, there are also simple changes you can make to your routine that you may wish to try first. For example, it’s really important that you have a comfy bed. Luckily, it’s now easy to purchase good quality beds and mattresses that can promote a restful night. For example, Adjustamatic sells a selection of adjustable beds fitted with Cyclo-Therapy technology. This massage system features a number of settings, including a relaxing, sleep-inducing function. In addition, the firm sells Aveon pocket spring mattresses that can boost comfort levels further.

You may also benefit from sticking to a steady bedtime routine. Going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time each day can help to boost the level of sleep you get. In addition, make sure that you avoid consuming too much caffeine, particularly during the later afternoon and evening.

Before going to bed, it is a good idea to read or take a warm bath as this can help you to unwind and get you in the right frame of mind to sleep.

If possible, try to ensure your bedroom is as quiet as possible, and it may be worth investing in some blackout blinds or curtains too.

Reap the rewards

By making changes to your lifestyle and environment like this, and if necessary by visiting your GP for further advice and help, you stand to enhance your level of sleep. In turn, this could serve to lift your mood, improve your relationships and generally raise your quality of life.

Given these potential rewards, it’s certainly worth making an effort to get a good night’s rest.

Working from home in style with Viking

Since starting my work with Riddle I’ve had to become a lot more organised with everything. My time management skills had to improve ten fold and my habit of leaving to-do lists and bits of paper all over the house had to stop. I was recently contacted by the folks at Viking Direct and asked if I would like to pick a few bits from their range of fashion stationery which was the perfect kick up the backside to sort myself out in style…not only for my job, but for all my blogging paraphernalia too.
Obviously my old faithful Mac Book is a blogging and working essential but unlike most people I know, I’m not a fan of spreadsheets for keeping organised. I prefer good old pen and paper so when I saw this adorable Hello Kitty fountain pen it was immediately added to my “please may I have” list. I always think my writing looks loads neater when I use a fountain pen and I love the old fashioned look of real ink.
On the afternoons where I set up office in the conservatory (or when I’m cheekily writing blog posts on my bed) you’ll never see my far away from my pink Moleskine notebook and my weekly planner from Paperchase. I don’t care what anybody says, Moleskines are hands down the nicest notebooks to use- they make me feel a lot more productive too, for some reason! The planner is a recent addition to my desk and it is so, so useful as I can see at a glance what I have on for the week and how much time I have to fit in all that I need to.
Also from Viking I picked this pink 3 litre storage box to store some of the bits and pieces I get sent for review as I am so bad for putting things down somewhere and not finding them again for ages. I also have some pink plastic bucket type things from Asda for bigger items and they keep my bedroom looking a whole lot neater!
Finally- FOLDERS! I’m mad for owls so it was a no brainer when I saw the funky owl range
on the Viking site. I always feel like I can never have enough folders in my life as I use them for everything- receipts, press releases, copies of invoices, important documents, magazine clippings…the list goes on and on.

I think that just about sums up my current essentials, all you lovely bloggers (and work from home-ers) what can’t you live with out? I’m sure there are things I am lacking and I do love an excuse for a good stationary shop!